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    I had a job interview today with a recent graduate in Civil Engineering who won the equivalent of the Dean's Award,with a cpga of 3.92. Straight A's in SPM etc. Between SPM and uni, she spent 9 months at Louis Vuitton The Gardens. She was deciding between another four years at school for a PhD, or doing something she really likes. For some reason, she thinks JT is extremely relevant to her. She asked for an internship. (BTW, once upon a time, I told a customer that I had a job interview yesterday. He said, but why? I thought you're doing what you love? I then told him I interviewed a potential hire.) After some prodding, I discover she has a problem with what she calls "office life". What's so bad about office life, I asked. She said it's not appealing to go to an office before the sun has properly risen, and to leave it only after it has set. I'm not sure how long I can do that for, she said. I didn't say much about that. At JT, we do not lose the connection with the sun. Our workspace is flooded with daylight.