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    This morning, the above and his spouse each left a one-star rating on my Google page. He so succinctly and comprehensively described my ideal customer profile. Perhaps I should have been less coy about it. In the future, I may just do a phone screening. Customer: I want appointment. You free later today? JT: Did you send your CV earlier? We require that before we can grant you an appointment. Customer: CV? I'm not asking for a job. Anyway, I'm an assistant MD. JT: You mean like a PA? We don't really take those in. Customer: You don't understand. The MD is my father. JT: Are you second or third generation? Customer: Third. My grandfather started the company. JT: Good. We don't take in second generations. Too parsimonious. What's the revenue like? Customer: Huh, what? Like 36 million last year. JT: Ah. We only do above 200 mil. When you reach that, give us a call. Thanks, bye.