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    It took several years to get jeans off the ground. Much heavy lifting was required, literally and figuratively. These raw, mild steel rivets are very nice. I wonder if they are still nice when they rust. I applaud the customer for his choice of green thread. I applaud myself for steering him there. A daily companion in an easy-wearing 12oz Japanese selvedge denim. Featuring an unstretchable waistband for wear without a belt, full width double chamber front pockets for better segregation of coins, keys, wallet and phone, and with a practical zipper fly as requested by the customer. The edges of the fly have been decorated with a unique shell stitch. Rivets are in solid, raw steel. Cut to a pattern drafted uniquely for the customer, optimised for appearance and comfort.
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    To reliably get a generous roll, I would have to train a coatmaker from scratch who has never known any other. Above, intern, voyeur's view.
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    Wanted to take pics of this before I send it out to Australia. Here we did this strange and gratuitously elaborate method of securing the cuff. Trousers are in a cotton by Officine Paladino.