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    Going-ons in the workshop today
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    Today, the co-founder of a Hong Kong tailoring business dropped by to have a chat. He started the business with two other friends about 2 years ago out of interest for good classic clothes. He's a young guy---much younger than me. Here he is: His mother was originally from PJ, but he was born in HK. Here's his watch. This is the FOURTH BB38 to come into the shop. It is a much hensem watch. We talked about our respective businesses for about an hour. It was very engaging. I learnt a lot. He, too.
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    Bespoke jeans in 14.5oz Japanese selvedge denim. The waistband has been reinforced to prevent stretching, allowing wear without a belt. Below, the full-width double chamber front pocket. Cut, fitted and sewn completely on-premise.
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    I ordered a pair of TLB loafers in dark brown suede from Yeossal as part of their black Friday sales. It just arrived and....it's too big for me. I've never worn a roomier UK7 than this. They are brand new, unworn. Size UK7. The perfect dark brown -- not too light, and not too dark that it seems black. And it comes in a mixed rubber + leather sole, which I always get when I get MTO. Super comfortable and durable, yet dressy enough. It's rare to find a non-MTO pair in this sole in a style I like, which is why I jumped on it. The shoes are lined but they are softer and more comfortable than my Carmina loafers somehow. https://www.yeossal.com/collections/black-friday-2019/products/martin-loafer-dark-brown-suede The discounted price I got it is SGD358. I'm willing to let it go at cost and without shipping fees/taxes at RM 1,100. . Since the fit is roomy, I bet many people can fit the UK7 of this pair. Let me know if anyone is interested. Need to move fast though as I'll need to decide if I want to return them. I can COD in the KL/PJ area, or thereabouts.
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    Should have posted this earlier. Found this book at Pinto Coffee Janda Baik. Salgado is pretty much the no. 1 landscape photographer of our times. What a treat the book was.
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    instead of buying shoes, I might need to buy a camera.
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    So, originally, on my IG post of the bush jacket, I wrote: "Safari jacket in Kurabo selvedge denim" That was it. Now, after an immersion in Rolex copywriting, I edited it to this: "A jacket for the rugged outdoors. The Jeremy Tok Safari Jacket in Kurabo selvedge denim softens with age and takes on an individual character. Featuring an inverted box pleat on each pocket and with the addition of gussets on the lower pockets, the jacket becomes a wearable piece of luggage, securely and accessibly stowing tools and valuables close to you. The epaulettes are detachable - the most deluxe execution of this military feature. At the rear, the jacket features an inverted box pleat and a half belt for unrestricted range-of-motion. It is fitted with genuine horn buttons. "
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    Carmina it is. As you guys suggested. Thanks
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    A JB customer came to collect some shirts. Non-fused buttondown in our bestselling non-iron cotton.