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    New bespoke jacket (JT 3.0) in Dugdale tropical worsted, after being worn and tortured on back to back 13 hour and 11 hour flights to South America. Pockets stuffed with passport, e reader, wallet, mobile, etc.
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    I told the composer, whose studio is in a separate tower in the same development as JT, that I may be moving into a retail unit in Empire Damansara. He was excited by this. He told me he is thinking of moving his studio to Mont Kiara, in a retail unit. I asked why a studio that composes music would need a retail presence. He said that it is necessary to make a good impression on the customer, in his case, film producers. I said something about how I thought it's all about the music, and that they should listen to it blindfolded the way musicians are auditioned. He had me understand that film producers are extremely human, and being human, are impressionable.
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    BTW that's what I tell customers too. I'm just afraid their irons are too hot, singeing the wool. This is irreversible.
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    I was in Bangkok during a Liverano trunk show, and I saw that the jackets were so severely pressed that the buttonholes have been pressed completely flat. It was the most overpressed jacket I have seen. I thought then they must have a tailor partner in Bangkok they would ship the garments in advance of a trunk show to, who would then help them re-press the garments into a customer-ready condition. This tailor must be the one doing all that overpressing, I thought. Well now I know it's really the Liverano 8kg iron that was responsible for it. You should know that there is another school of thought regarding final press. Thomas Mahon, when he visited the factory in India that manufactured his MTM range, kept saying to the workers there to err on underpressing. If it was not sewn right in the first place, he said, pressing won't correct it. He stressed that the final press is a pretty light process that doesn't take very long. I have both heavily pressed, and also lightly pressed, jackets. I'm not sure which I prefer. They're different; but both produce a perfectly credible product.
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    I'm happy to make pretty much anything if the customer is willing to work with me to develop it. I've done many novel garments, or novel features on garments for customers who asked for them. The problem with this Joel guy is his juvenile attitude. He has an antagonistic attitude towards those he is "hiring". Normally, those he hires are subservient to him, and let him boss them around. I make so much nowadays, I just fire these idiots. JT is here to serve, but JT is subservient to nobody. I also actually make for real bosses. CEOs of public listed companies. I know how a boss is like. Joel Lee is not a boss. He is just an idiot who thinks he is a boss.