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    Somebody who works with American & Efird contacted me about a suit. I really hopes he comes because they make great threads and I need to figure out how to buy it from them. It is ridiculously difficult to source great threads. All you get locally is spun polyester.
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    A better view of the machine-sewn swelled edges. Swelled edges are more than just that line of machine sewing or pick stitching that makes the edges appear chunkier. They're also about what you do with the seam allowances. With regular jackets, the two seam allowances (one from the facing, the other from the forepart) are feathered, i.e. they have different widths to give the gradual transition. With swelled edges you want an abrupt transition, so both seam allowances are identical in width.
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    This morning, the above and his spouse each left a one-star rating on my Google page. He so succinctly and comprehensively described my ideal customer profile. Perhaps I should have been less coy about it. In the future, I may just do a phone screening. Customer: I want appointment. You free later today? JT: Did you send your CV earlier? We require that before we can grant you an appointment. Customer: CV? I'm not asking for a job. Anyway, I'm an assistant MD. JT: You mean like a PA? We don't really take those in. Customer: You don't understand. The MD is my father. JT: Are you second or third generation? Customer: Third. My grandfather started the company. JT: Good. We don't take in second generations. Too parsimonious. What's the revenue like? Customer: Huh, what? Like 36 million last year. JT: Ah. We only do above 200 mil. When you reach that, give us a call. Thanks, bye.