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    My bruised thumb. A customer last week put on his trousers, only to find them 2" too short. He looked at me in incredulity. I get looked at in incredulity every now and then. 80% of the time, it's a fuckup by the sewing tailor. There is no such thing as a smart sewing tailor. They are mostly borderline mentally retarded. This is true of coatmakers and even more true of trousermakers. A retarded person always seem to find the wrong way to do things. When confronted with a choice of A or B, where A is right and B not, they would pick B. Nearly always. There was not enough inlay to alter the trousers, so I rebought the cloth, extended the paper pattern by 2", and released it for production. When the replacement trousers were ready, and one hour before the customer's appointment, I checked the length of the trousers. I could not believe my eyes. It's still 2" short. When with the retarded idiot, I kept banging on the table with both hands, which resulted in the bruise.