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    Jajaja. A very handsome gateway watch indeed. I think the 34mm suits you well, you could even do a 32mm I reckon. This is probably closer to the watch which summited Everest on the wrists of Tenzing/Hillary compared to the “explorer” tagged models. Perhaps if you ever fancy a sports model, you can look into Rolex bubblebacks. Or a Tudor mini sub , both are within this size range. But I think for someone at the pinnacle of their craft such as yourself - a Gold Rolex, or a Rolex Pre-Daytona chrono with a Valjoux 72 movement. Speaks of a man who only needs to answer to himself.
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    Ref. 6480. 34mm. Hand winding. With an Oyster case i.e. screw in back and screw down crown. Dates from the 1950's. Crumbly lume that no longer functions as lume, case polished 5X, and had five prior owners four of whom are dead. "6" are you happy for me?
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    Letting go this unworn loafer shoes and belt ( 1 set )Bought from overseas Actual price is RM 850 Asking price is RM 400 Color : OxbloodSize : 40euro / 7 uk
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    My bruised thumb. A customer last week put on his trousers, only to find them 2" too short. He looked at me in incredulity. I get looked at in incredulity every now and then. 80% of the time, it's a fuckup by the sewing tailor. There is no such thing as a smart sewing tailor. They are mostly borderline mentally retarded. This is true of coatmakers and even more true of trousermakers. A retarded person always seem to find the wrong way to do things. When confronted with a choice of A or B, where A is right and B not, they would pick B. Nearly always. There was not enough inlay to alter the trousers, so I rebought the cloth, extended the paper pattern by 2", and released it for production. When the replacement trousers were ready, and one hour before the customer's appointment, I checked the length of the trousers. I could not believe my eyes. It's still 2" short. When with the retarded idiot, I kept banging on the table with both hands, which resulted in the bruise.
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    A preview of pictures to come...