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  1. The watch appreciation thread

    Something about the BB 36mm looks off to me. Could it be that the hands are too big in relation to the dial? Or maybe the maxi sized indices? I don't know, but on paper its technically perfect, but when I see it in person, something is...missing. You should also consider the BB 36's older cousin the 1016 Rolex Explorer 1. Probably more suited for someone of your stature. This example has so much charm. Will appreciate with time for sure, jajaja. But no date, I don't think you miss it on this beautiful dial though. https://www.chrono24.co.uk/rolex/1016-vintage-explorer-i-gilt-glossy-tropical-dial-27402--id8532171.htm
  2. The suiting thread

    Something for you?
  3. The suiting thread

    I was served a Jeremy Tok ad on instagram last week. My wife said - "oh, he changed his hair!"
  4. Shirts

    The brooks brothers button down circa 2018 made in USA - a welcome return of the original soft floppy unlined collar. The people are divided on the omission of the chest pocket, I would have preferred it, but don't mind this version.
  5. The watch appreciation thread

    https://www.watchmaster.com/en/patek-philippe/nautilus/3800/YD83OIRULQ?reference_code=DLGEO5TA09&MID=EN_GB_SEP_1-33-0_2-663-0_3-39059-0_4-49893-0_12-156948-0_0-0-0&lc=GB&l=en&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4bL3o4rV2wIVR54bCh1ppwDnEAQYAiABEgIW4PD_BwE 1982 vintage example with full set - original box and papers.
  6. The watch appreciation thread

    I think for you Jeremy - a nice PP Nautilus. Somewhat more restrained than the Royal Oak.
  7. Dress shoes

    No uncle planter thought of competing
  8. The suiting thread

    Were you the sole member of the production crew? The picture taken via tripod
  9. Shirts

    The great unwashed
  10. Forum matters

    Fixing what wasnt broke.
  11. Forum matters

    The future is now
  12. Shirts

    They see me rollin’ they hating https://youtu.be/CtwJvgPJ9xw
  13. Dress shoes

    I do it for all my shoes. The procedure is not complicated, its finding a cobbler with metal rather than the more common plastic taps thats the challenge. I just think metal looks better, not sure if they actually perform better/worse than their plastic counterparts.
  14. Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Top 2 tailoring outfits in MY: JT and a small startup called Lords. I hope you brought he finds time for a traditional Malaysian meal of Teh Tarik and Nasi Lemak
  15. The suiting thread

    This is how my CFO sits.