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  1. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Perhaps there is relevance still for pidgin English in our modern society today
  2. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    The patek suits you...
  3. For a prominent figure in the ruling government?
  4. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    ^ Champagne at the JLC boutique, manhandling a 2 million dollar watch: Just a regular weekday for a Master Tailor. —————————————— Look at the unfused collar and cuffs on that striped shirt. Combined with the handrolled lightly lined Vanda tie. Sprez.
  5. "6"

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Like Senor Holzer
  6. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Better a suit which fits than a suit with the fun features but with suboptimal fit.
  7. "6"

    Next next level

    WD dropping knowledge on an Indonesian talkshow.
  8. "6"

    The suiting thread

    First fitting at the JT atelier for a new sportcoat in mini houndstooth pattern (although looks solid in the photo). Collar to be better fitted around the neck, body taken in slightly, and other magical tweaks to optimise fit. The feel of the Dugdale New Fine Worsted (NFW) cloth is slightly less rustic than I recall. Maybe I'm too used to touching the kerbau cloth. Close up pic of the cloth - previously shared on the cloth thread.
  9. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Mark Cho , international man of menswear shares his “to buy” list (which includes pieces from the Armoury that he presumably already owns). Among them is a two tone Rolex. https://gearpatrol.com/2019/03/19/mark-cho-in-my-cart/ “I have recently been very interested in two-tone watches and stumbled on this particular reference. It looks strange on the website, but I was curious enough to check it out in real life. It is outstanding and absolutely on my shortlist. Compared with the photograph online, the Everose parts are subtler and less pink, and the grey dial is much richer in color. I highly suggest any watch nut check it out.”
  10. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Enjoy your cigars
  11. "6"

    The suiting thread

    In return he can provide a gray market import route for those cloth brands.
  12. "6"

    The suiting thread

    J - you could be the tailoring house which only begrudgingly has a team.
  13. "6"

    The suiting thread

    I was struck by how normal and charismatic Ming came across. I hold this notion that geniuses are not always as developed in the interpersonal / social space, clearly I am wrong. Although I loved the undertone of contempt he had for the person he shared the stage with (just my opinion). They occupy polar opposite spaces - one super niche, reliant on designing unique products which have not previously existed. The other a mass market juggernaught which entire company was setup based on market research into consumer trends/habits. I.e. one has to create demand, the other creates to cater for changing demand. Overall, I was hoping to hear more about fantastical next gen retail analytics or consumer experience tech, innovation, and insight. A hint of the next 5-10 years of retail and consumer markets space. By far the most impressive (and concerning) one was the story shared by the Facebook ad marketing lady where they track peoples offline spend patterns back tp online ad impressions. The insight which impressed me the least was by a retail consulting firm which shared these gems: Malaysian consumers prefer mall shopping as the weather is hot, and that malls are also used as social gathering spaces.
  14. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Antonio wears it loose on the right hand for teh sprezz
  15. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Of couse can declare 6% plus dividend. No need to pay out the declared dividend, just reflect it on paper. Jajaja