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  1. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    I'm a fan of the guilloche, but I think my IQ is not high enough to be able to read the time on these without staring at it for 5 mins.
  2. "6"

    The suiting thread

    This is why you dont skip leg day at the gym
  3. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Infernal affairs 2 showcases a day-date as well. On the gangster boss “Ah Hau” - played by Francis Ng. Looks the business.
  4. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Gaya mutu keunggulan
  5. "6"


    The handrolled edges on their ties are so sexy.
  6. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Me wearing someone’s OP date. Believe it was bought in the late 80s or early 90s. I find 34m very wearable for me. You forget you even have a watch on.
  7. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    The squale on the top is based on four digit submariner references. The hour markers do not have white gold (in this case maybe stainless) surrounds giving it a nice vintage look. But the logo on the top the “S” of the Squale branding throws off the symmetry of the dial for me.
  8. "6"

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Its only proper since its European summer.
  9. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Having that paperwork is so cool. Its in rather good condition considering its age. My father first entered the workforce in 1979. He said he made a whopping M$300 a month. A post in 2014 which analyses the retail price growth of a Submariner over time. https://www.ablogtowatch.com/rolex-prices-past-60-years-revealing-analysis/ Would be nice to be able to somehow measure relative affordability of a Rolex model over time. Would probably need inflation data, retail prices, and average wage data over time.
  10. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    I wore the only chronograph I own earlier today to a barbeque. The Heuer branded “Calibre 11”. It claims to be a 39mm case, but I feel it wears much bigger due to the square case and its hefty 15mm thickness. The original design of the case was 38mm, and this modern day version is said to be quite close to the 70s original model 1133B. The biggest visual differences are that the chrono pushers have been redesigned to a squarish shape, and the red chrono hand is thinner. I really wish they had stayed true to the original on the chrono seconds hand. However I do love the matte colouring of the dial - no bling at all. I find myself timing everything and anything since I got my hands on this piece.
  11. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    I forsee stopping by Wing Wah becoming a monthly ritual for you.
  12. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Im with you - Im not a fan of the super oysters with fat lugs. I’d rather they keep the thinner lug profile with a slightly bigger case like with the current 43mm sea-dweller or the six digit reference 40mm sea dweller circa 2014-2017 (RIP). I must say I was almost expecting the story to take a twist like “...then suddenly I glanced a third watch, THE watch, on the wrist of the proprietor! A solid gold datejust/ day-date complete with fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet. Pure Rolex, pure FU, pure ambrosia.” Your datejust screams Rolex, evokes a time when men would have owned just that one watch.
  13. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Mazel tov by the way. Good to see JT prospering.
  14. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Only if you wear one on each wrist.