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  1. "6"

    What are you wearing today?

    In the ‘glamourous’ surrounds of my office bathroom, evidently channelling Tom Cruise in risky business. I’ve owned this pair of Levis for about 15 years. This was during the heyday of the baggier fit jean. These were 2 inches in the waist too big for me at the time (but obvs they were worn slung low on the hips). Having grown sideways slightly compared to those days, I think they look relatively slim / straight now. The astonishing part is that the wash looks pretty much the same as the day I bought them. Although I cant seem to find pictures of me in them new. The smartphone is really a game changer when it comes to documenting our lives.
  2. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Uncker Planter is the best candidate.
  3. "6"

    The suiting thread

  4. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Wing Wah also had one when I checked a few days ago. But price probably less attractive then the Kuantan seller, Im guessing.
  5. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    The design of the speedy is undeniable. But at 42mm its definitely a sizeable watch! The speedy “reduced” is more wearable for me, but the dial design isnt quite as clean as the moonwatch.
  6. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Lips could do with some balm. Shea butter is good as it imparts a matte, rather than glossy finish that some lip balms do. Overall, I would say he still looks well groomed to my eye, albeit not polished to the nines. I suppose its a good thing as one should try to project an air of sprez in all things and not appear overly fastidious. Although I am not sure how representative the model is of the target or typical customer age group of Jeremy Tok tailors? A loosely related story on the topic of grooming. Oftentimes innocent and well intentioned grooming easily goes overboard. A friend of mine once had his brows professionally groomed by his barber when he had a haircut before a wedding dinner in the spirit of "cleaning up" for the event. During the night it was painfully evident to the whole table that he did indeed had his eyebrows groomed, and not in a good way.
  7. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Sexy sleevehead
  8. John Mayer on his love of robes. ”Everyone scratches their head about my wearing a robe until they try mine on. Then they understand completely. It's a jacket, but it's more laid-back. It's a tent you can hang out inside of as you go about your day. It's a security blanket of sorts.” https://www.gq.com/story/john-mayer-greatest-fits
  9. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Would make a handsome two watch collection...
  10. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Nice to see the darlie man pursuing his passion of dance (and fine tailoring)
  11. "6"

    Latest hauls

    In an effort to promote a return to sharing our shameless consumption and consumerism on the forum; this was a recent pickup of mine during the post-Christmas sales. Sidenote: What would you say the colour of the jacket is? ——————— > Subtle spalla camicia > the leftover stitching to promote the notion that this jacket has some hand finishing. > Japanese English copy
  12. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    I'm a fan of the guilloche, but I think my IQ is not high enough to be able to read the time on these without staring at it for 5 mins.
  13. "6"

    The suiting thread

    This is why you dont skip leg day at the gym
  14. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Infernal affairs 2 showcases a day-date as well. On the gangster boss “Ah Hau” - played by Francis Ng. Looks the business.
  15. "6"

    The suiting thread

    Gaya mutu keunggulan