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  1. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    So procurement of the skydweller is in progress
  2. "6"

    Dress shoes

  3. "6"

    The suiting thread

    The wonders of starch and veggies.
  4. "6"


    Tokyo fit is smaller than usual. Nipped waist, tailored fit overall. Size up half a size and you still get a close fitting shirt. New York fit abit longer and normal cut I’m about 180cm, still has waist darts, but I like this fit more. The store attendant in their Madison Av store told me (this was last year) that they no longer produce this, but their website seems to still carry this. They carry a few different ranges from regular fused nonsense to unfused made w Thomas Mason fabric. Best made in my opinion are the green label ones saying “sport shirt”, nice unlined rolled collars. Overall good prices. Only about usd 80 a pop. Found the quality of the “sport shirt” very good. No complaints.
  5. "6"

    Dress shoes

  6. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    To start their own tradeshow. Rumours they are doing something with the organisation behind Watches & Wonders (formerly known as SIHH). https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/robertanaas/2020/04/14/rolex-patek-philippe-chopard-chanel-tudor-announce-exit-from-baselworld-establishment-of-new-event/amp/
  7. "6"

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    LVC are meant to be faithful reproductions. Probably not fabric, but construction and detail wise.
  8. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    So much so until you can’t even see the wrist in relation to the timepiece. Its almost the size of your fist!
  9. "6"

    The watch appreciation thread

    Not my watch, but my strap. Plenty of wrist presence at 36mm
  10. "6"

    Dress shoes

    ^ Very nice! What do you think of the shoes?
  11. "6"

    Dress shoes

    Lazyman Cleverleys make a rare appearance. Trying to wear my dress shoes more, despite the super casual setting in my office.
  12. "6"


    Another parcel arrived today carrying a Simpson brush. Made in their superbadger grade, said to be on par with silvertips from many other brands. Don’t know about performance yet, but the tips are more attractive than my EJ superbadger.
  13. "6"


    Perhaps one day, when I have prized Japanese cooking knives to sharpen.
  14. "6"

    Dress shoes

    The split toe design is akin to the Alden Indy. Impressive this was produced in Laos. Wear them in the best of health.
  15. "6"


    I was considering getting a true straight razor, the sustainability aspect of having zero waste was quite appealing. But I was deterred by the need to have it sharpened by a blade expert every so often, and also you need to baby it by keeping it dry/oiled to prevent rusting. The weight of the Feather DX really sets it apart from the other shavette I was using. The mechanism to insert blades into this thing is also pure genius. I might even play around with a feather Kamisori style Japanese razor at some point, but I'm cautious I'm starting to hoard razors... https://www.fendrihan.com/products/iwasaki-japanese-kamisori-straight-razor