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  1. arc

    Next next level

    That is a fair point. And I hope we never have to deal with "Pride Rice" puns.
  2. arc

    Next next level

    (And to add to the embarrassment, I knew one of these Pride guys, he was my secondary schoolmate. Sigh.)
  3. arc

    Next next level

    Because jacking guys off in the club toilet is hard work, and hard work always requires rolled sleeves. Seriously though, these are Singaporeans, but using this to take the mickey outta Singapore just throws it outta context. Like disparaging Malaysians on account of Wak Doyok, we don't do that shit.
  4. arc

    Next next level

    Sigh... Clowns everywhere these days.
  5. arc


    Looks like a lego arm, snapped on to the torso.
  6. arc

    The suiting thread

    Disaster strikes...!
  7. arc

    Next next level

    Arguably degenerate but not tacky as we know it, I think. Honestly, banning "saggy pants" just means that these people will embrace the tacky style faster.
  8. arc

    The suiting thread

    Can I just say, Arno, that I really, really like the donegal suit you did. Alas, I have no reason to be in Belgium.
  9. arc

    The watch appreciation thread

    As a reference point, take a look at how Omega does it right. Not an apples to apples comparison, but still. http://timeandtidewatches.com/night-omega-firsts-video/
  10. arc


    Idiotsyncracy, maybe. But I would love to see someone wearing a shirt with a top button three times as large as the rest.
  11. arc

    The suiting thread

    Probably the same, resting position of one arm is slightly different from the other. Nett result was my left sleeve had an inch of cuff showing while the right had a half. So we lengthened the left sleeve.
  12. arc

    The suiting thread

    Um, no man. I disagree because I've been through this. It's not a motion issue. One sleeve is genuinely coming across as longer than the other - likely for some of the other reasons you outlined (e.g. natural posture of left arm being further away from torso). Measuring arm length doesn't account for this, and there needs to be a fix after wearing the assembled product.
  13. arc


    Jake has a... cameltoe??
  14. arc

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Ooh. C.Barbera for H.Lesser is back on the books, folks.
  15. arc


    "he is pawl redka or a malaysian guy from the kerbau, hymo/kotjm the one who always alters my avatar there and put nude twinks gays. He said yesterday he will register today and he is. He loves craptom and can't handle the truth. We have to pray altogether for him. Meanwhile delete it as he did with my warnings and pics about Orazio and fused unjackets." Hahahaha this just gets better and better!