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  1. Shirts

    Please pm me your email add, I'll try to send you some pics of the samples tomorrow.
  2. Shirts

    Would anyone be interested in a group buy for Grandi & Rubinelli fabrics? If you're keen, I'll be sending it out from Singapore though.
  3. Singaporean members

    Thanks guys, I will email RJ Weldon and enquire.
  4. Singaporean members

    How long did RJ Weldon take to send the buttons over?
  5. Singaporean members

    Hi Guys, is there any place in Singapore I can buy gritti or horn buttons for suits?
  6. Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Hi guys, I have come across these H&S denim like materials, and was wondering whether they are any good for a casual jacket or pants. The pics show first the right side, then the wrong side.
  7. Shirts

    Anyone with the knowledge where I can Thomas Mason cut lengths here in Singapore? Or even in Malaysia.
  8. The suiting thread

    My thoughts exactly. However would like to know if anyone thinks otherwise.
  9. The suiting thread

    I know most of you here would swear by canvassed suits. But would there be a possibility you would do a fused suit? I'm placing an order for a dugdales new fine worsted and would most probably do full canvas, but would like to know what you folks think?
  10. The suiting thread

    While in KL recently, I entered a Wardrobe outlet for the first time. May I ask, other than the prices being rather steep, are your comments above due to workmanship issues for their suits?
  11. Shirts

    Any recommendation to do CMT shirts in Singapore? Iris seems rather pricey for shirts?
  12. I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    Alright thanks all. I went to this alteration place once, didn't come with a band. Though it works, just looks more unsightly without it.
  13. I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    Hi All, First off, I've really learnt alot reading the stuff you guys are sharing in this forum, still kind of overwhelmed. I have a question, hopefully you can help. I tailored a few pants in Bangkok, and on 2nd thoughts am not too happy with the length. Therefore I would need to alter them. Are those "bands" at the ends important? I don't normally see them on RTW pants. If yes, which tailor in Singapore is able to help me do it like this (rather than just normal stiching). Thanks!