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  1. lolzx

    Loafer & Belt

    Letting go this unworn loafer shoes and belt ( 1 set )Bought from overseas Actual price is RM 850 Asking price is RM 400 Color : OxbloodSize : 40euro / 7 uk
  2. Extra Bexley Shoes Tree Size is UK 6.5 (New without box) Letting go at cost at RM85. COD within KL
  3. lolzx


    let recommend some wine retailer... or nice restaurant for having wine at.....
  4. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    Which uniqlo you went? I went KLCC outlet.. but all dark brown no burgundy... @@ sad
  5. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    400 myr is out of my budget.. i can buy a burgundy saphir and belt from meermin with this price...
  6. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    anyone know where can i buy a burgungy belt in KL..
  7. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    I'm in for a pair of bexley shoes tree... appreciated if you can assist to order a belt from them..^^
  8. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    no one try massimo before? @@
  9. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    Is massimo dutti tassel loafer worth to buy? Comfortable? They are having sales now.. RM 496 after discount. Before 596
  10. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    is herring nice? or loake 1880 nicer?
  11. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    Sorry for the bad experience, we will take this into consideration and we apologize for any lapse of service. Thank you for your feedback. This is what I get from them... haha... no point to complaint..
  12. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    to get some compensation, maybe? or to tell my dissatisfaction ..
  13. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    complaint? what for? help edwin to train staff? or trying to get some compensation from them? haha my friend called on Thursday's morning.. the staff advised the shoes will arrive 4-6.... but the way he talk to my friend like...shift the blame to me... (I didn't specify the time but we did call to check when the goods will be ready in store in the morning) @@... really bad service... next, why he can get the shoes within 2 hours but cant get it in store the next day when I asked on Monday!!?? amazing... email edwin already...
  14. lolzx

    Dress shoes

    I had a bad experience with purchasing a pair of EEA. I planned to buy a pair EEA with my fitting so I went Singapore last Friday. The staff told me the online sale is not ready in store. I can only purchase online with debit or credit card. Then, I asked him to order a pair for me by paying cash. He said cannot. On Monday, I whatsapp-ed them if there any possibility the shoes deliver within Singapore by Wednesday as my friend is coming to Malaysia this Thursday. They replied the earliest they can get the shoes ready is on Thursday and that is if my friend can collect in store. Online purchase done on Monday. I reminded them to get the shoes ready by Thursday but the replied me like this..." When the transaction was made, it clearly states 7 working days for delivery and will try their best to bring the shoes to the store by Thursday. They advised to collect the shoes at 4-6pm. My friend reached Millenia Walk around 5.30pm, however, the staff said they forgot to bring 2 shoes to store (one is mine) and told my friend to wait... And blamed I didn't give specific time to them.....My friend wait around 1and half hours there... What kind of service is it? provided by Ed Et Al?