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  1. navic

    [WTS] VBC Mid Grey Suiting Cloth

    Still selling? What make is the cloth?
  2. navic

    The suiting thread

    That jacket looks like it was made for you less so the customer . . .
  3. navic

    The suiting thread

    you won't find much open on the row over weekends. . .
  4. navic

    A rekindled love of canvas bags

    I was wondering... would those leather tabs every break from the weight of holding the bag?
  5. navic

    The suiting thread

    those flying notches.... the un-garment has been itemized.
  6. navic

    The suiting thread

    MOP, I managed to have a look at that coat the day they put it up on their shop front. The details are immaculate and nothing could be faulted... But how could one imagine it as anything more than a garment meant for a mannequin. In spite, I enjoyed admiring the golden shears, a trophy as something on its own more...
  7. navic

    The suiting thread

    ^linen... linen... linen...
  8. navic

    The suiting thread

    kotmj you seem to have quite a passion for architecture.
  9. navic

    I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    Can't help but think about the rock of eye method with your explanation
  10. navic

    The suiting thread

    This architecture is a form of luxury. You hire architects with the likes of Piano when you appreciate their school of thought, similarly like how one returns to visits the same particular tailoring house again because he likes their 'house' style.
  11. navic

    Recommend a bag...

    Works for me but I've never used it as a messenger.. My laptop is pretty heavy duty so the leather straps dig into my hands after a bit of walking, other than that I can't complain as its served well in the rain and snow. Anyone recommend a clutch of sorts to hold an iPad with some other small daily essentials?
  12. navic


    Fashion is temporary, style is forever.
  13. That falls nicely, is that the ironwork or is there a structure inside the jacket?