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  1. Petepan

    The suiting thread

    Up your prices la
  2. Petepan

    The suiting thread

    ^^^ Thank you. I get to learn something new again today. Last stupid question, so it is technically possible to just cut one whole piece without a backseam? Advisable or dumb idea? Assume no pattern matching required, just plain cloth. Also, I just checked some of my Borrelli's and they are cut as in B. Now you have got me curious, I am gonna check all my other suits too.
  3. Petepan

    The suiting thread

    Nice. Did you just reverse engineer an existing garment, or is there another learning process to go through to get this done? BTW, there is a brand premium with Liverano. Not sure it is worth that much to me given the alternatives available in Florence. Plus plane tickets and accommodation are not overly prohibitive these days. The only constraining factor is time. ATM, I cannot afford to burn 6 weeks in Florence. I bet I would be utterly sicked of bistecca and lampredotto at the end of the stint. Nice to see you and your business progressing well. Best wishes. ps pardon the ignorance, what exactly is a side body?
  4. Petepan

    The suiting thread

    Hey Jeremy, have you tried to replicate the Florentine style of no front darts yet? Is it possible? Or you just dont like it?
  5. Petepan

    The suiting thread

    ^^ The Solito is nice. I have a similar one made by Luigi Borrelli, half-lined, very drapey. The patch pockets are cut with the top line slanting up in a curve towards the back, and together with the barchetta, 3-roll-2, lack of structure, accentuates the fluidy/curves of the whole suit. Very thin shoulder padding. A very relaxed look which may not be appropriate for power boardroom meetings (probably need a Canali for that). Just an observation that the curves/slope/drape of the Neapolitan cut may actually be accentuating the customer's rotund features (plus sloping shoulders). Good if that is what he wants, but I feel a more structured look may be more flattering.
  6. Petepan

    The suiting thread

    ^^ Shoulder lines appear uneven, appears to be a dent on both sides.
  7. Petepan

    The suiting thread

    Wah so seh-weet-weet. Nice color, what fabric is that? (Don't say lace okay, hantam you)
  8. Petepan


    Evening in airconditioned clubhouse smoking cigars and drinking whiskey, then it should be okay. Forget office.
  9. Petepan

    Forum matters

    Tailleurs Sans Frontiere?
  10. Petepan


    It took a while and many samplings but I am coming around to like some Tom Ford Private Blend stuff. The retail price is absolutely at the gobsmacking level, sort of intended for elitist being given bragging rights of having the privilege to wear fragrances so expensive that a bottle costs as much as two weeks wages. The cult of "look at moi" reminiscent of a certain previous member who shall remain a boy forever. In any case, some of the better ones would not be very suitable for hot tropical weather. Tuscan Leather is pretty good as a year round all weather scent. I would think one would suffocate in the fumes of Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood and Tobacco Oud in the tropical heat. Incidentally, the last three mentioned can be layered with each other to boost a favoured accord, such as TV with TO to let the tobacco really sing, but that's another story. The main point of this post is to draw attention to Amber Absolute, which has sadly been discontinued, so fragheads are now madly scrambling for the remaining stock left. Rumours had it that some of the ingredients in AA have gotten way too expensive, which is richly ironic, pardon the pun. There is even an eBay seller listing a 250ml flacon for $2000. At the rate this is going, that might turn out to be a cheap price in a few years. I will bet that most Malaysians/Sporeans will hate AA at first spray. The headnotes are like powdered medicine, some say fivespice powder, or the grounded root herbs of Chinese medicine shops or the Chinese medical booze ointment used to treat bruises and sprains. Brings back memories of everything unpleasant and unsavory. These powdered herbs go away after 10 minutes or so, and one then smells a boozy, herby spicy accord, with an underlying slight sourness, an animalic hint in the background. Sounds ghastly, but the whole thing works because it balances good smells with bad smells, which presents a more natural scent than typical super clean Aqua di Gio or supersweet bubblegum celebrity frags. Also need to be distinguished from say the smell of disinfectant or urinal cake masking unpleasant odors. With AA, all the accords combine to present a rich sensual olfactory experience, almost like food for the nose, satisfying, yet leaving an appetite and curiosity to sniff for more. I can wear Tuscan Leather all year round, but AA will be for colder days and special occasions. Try AA on a cool day in the comfort of airconditioning, or on one of those cool rainy evenings. Then tell me whether you enjoy it as much as I do. BTW, splits and decants made the price of TF more bearable. If you dont care much for the bottle, then it is more sensible. Unless you dont mind splurging two weeks pay on 50ml worth of bragging rights.
  11. Petepan


    I thought it is suppose to stink to high heavens?
  12. Petepan


    Has anyone tried Secretions Magnifique? I dare you!
  13. Petepan

    Travel wardrobe: What to pack?

    Better yet, bring your best charm and buy a lady a drink. Wouldnt you prefer someone to keep your whole body warm rather than just your neck?
  14. Petepan

    Travel wardrobe: What to pack?

    Rome, eh? Layer up the bank account and credit card. Go to Boggi. Fixes all sartorial issues.
  15. Petepan

    Dress shoes

    That is fine. Over time, as your foot sinks into the footbed, the lacing will come closer together. The lighting in the picture is not too good though, so cannot see the full details of your beautiful shoes.