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  1. Dress shoes

    Hey Zinzan, I did buy a few pairs of Crockett & Jones from Plal a long time ago. I found that the shoes I received were not quite "right". They seemed to not be at the same quality one would expect from C&J. The workmanship wasn't quite there, or the color of the leather wasn't the same as what you'd see on the retail shelves. Either they were rejects or very old stock. Of course this is based on my personal experience and that of others I've known who've also made purchases with Plal. And I've only bought C&Js from them... never any other brands.
  2. Fitness

    I know you said you didn't actively reduce your calories and ate just when you felt like it... but I guess overall you did eat less, and combined with your workouts you still reduced your calories... so calories out > calories in = abs on kotmj. This might be interesting reading... http://bradpilon.com/weight-loss/defining-a-calorie-deficit/
  3. The suiting thread

    Nani made a decent pair of pants for me... in fact the fit was better than my WW Chans. Only thing is she likes to have them sitting more like hipsters so they don't sit as close to the waist. It took a while to get things done as I was travelling in and out of Singapore. I went in with a friend who had a few things made by her... he's a cyclist so has buns of steel and was an easier fit. I told Nani... "Can you make my pants fit as well as his?" and she replied "Errr... fitting see how..." Then I said "eh I heard you guys were the top tailoring house in Singapore. Need fitting meh?" to which she replied "Aiyah... lu boh ka cher-ng... all I can promise is I will try my best."
  4. Fitness

    Hey kotmj, when I first started out cutting down my calories, because I was constantly hungry I wasn't in the mood for anything... then as I got used to it things went back to normal. Right now when I fast, the only difference I find is that I tend to feel the cold more. Normally I hate the heat because I sweat very easily... I melt in SG & the HK summer... once I get home I switch on the aircon and walk around without my shirt on. But when I fast, I find that I do feel colder. Also, I tend to not get sleepy till it's pretty late at night. When I fast, I tend to get sleepier sooner. I just had a look at Brad Pilon's "Eat Stop Eat" book, and according to his research a mild caloric restriction does not have any impact on testosterone levels. It's only when you severely restrict your calories does it have an impact. So if you've just skipped dinner and breakfast it shouldn't have any impact but if you've severely restricted your calories for a longer period of time (say not eating for more than 24 hours), when you start to eat normally again your T levels should be restored. Also, adding muscle also increases your testosterone levels, while excess body fat reduces your testosterone. So basically, if you train more, eat less, you should feel more sexy. Maybe you've got to experiment with the "unusual" stuff for a change... that might help!
  5. Agree... I like the catalogs from Azabu Tailor... maybe I don't know Japanese so I don't get distracted by the content but I still get to see the pictures and know what they are offering... http://www.azabutailor.com/catalog/
  6. Fitness

    joonian: The classes are only good if you are starting out, have a gym membership already and just want to have a taste I guess. How much does your boxing gym charge, just out of curiosity? navic: Euro training! Weights + cardio + zumba all-in-one!
  7. Fitness

    joonian, Yes, the best exercise & nutrition plan is the one that works for your lifestyle and one that you can enjoy and stick with! I find I need to be at a gym because once I get home... I lose all motivation. And as you said... classes are great... you don't have to think... just follow... and there's peer pressure to keep up. Where are you based now? Are your boxing classes at a specialised centre or at the gym? Another issue I find is that with classes at the gym, they are just not good enough. They're either too basic or the instructors are not quite up to par. For example, a Yoga class at fitness first will not be nearly as good as a yoga class at a specialised yoga centre. So many costly options... and not enough time or money to do them all! If I had all the money in the world and didn't have to work, I'd spend an hour on weights 4 times a week, do 2 HIIT sessions on the days I don't do weights... and do 3 yoga sessions at a yoga centre to work on my flexibility. Rest of my time can be spend on making clothes. If only!
  8. Fitness

    Yeah I did... a few years ago. The good thing is updates are free for life... since I bought the program there have been four updates. Fundamentally the program/exercises are the same... but they improved the presentation of the materials. @joonian, understand where you're coming from. I too felt the same initially. Using internet based marketing does make it feel like a late night tv commercial! When I look at the fitness industry, I feel it's all set up to make me part with my money. I'm told by the personal trainers I should schedule regular sessions with them... I'm told by the supplement companies that I should be spending money on their products... and when I don't get results it's my fault cause I'm not working hard enough, not eating properly etc. Just trying signing up at a gym and they apply the hard pressure sales techniques. They pretend to be your friend, then casually ask you what your goals are. Then they introduce some trainer to you who walks you around the gym, and gets you to do some exercises. Then they start getting you to sign up for a membership and some training sessions. If you are hesitant, they use your earlier stated goals against you... "I thought you said you wanted to slim down? I can help you with that. Just sign here and gimme your credit card!" Then say you sign up for 10 sessions and have enough. You're ready to train on your own. They won't let you go without a fight! Now I'm sure there are exceptions to the norm, and there are ethical fitness professionals out there, but from my experience with gyms in Australia, the US and Hong Kong, this is normal practice. Anyway, the reason why I went through all of that was to say... with the Adonis Index, I only paid for the program once. They have a more expensive package where they discuss the latest scientific research which I don't subscribe to, and have more intense workouts for very advanced lifters. They occasionally market other products... but generally I've found the base program sufficient for most people to stick with for a year. Now if this program is so good, why have I not attained my Adonis golden ratio? Alas, I only started reducing my calories last year, then I got injured a couple of times and life just sabotaged my routine. Also, my goal isn't to bulk up more or look good naked, but mainly to maintain my physique so I can still fit into my tailored clothes!
  9. Fitness

    In a nutshell, the guys behind the Adonis Index say the main goal about the program isn't about building strength or making one "cardiovascularly" fitter, but to help sculpt a body that's aesthetically pleasing. So, if the look is what you are after... you lift weights to sculpt the body, and you burn more calories than you take in to lose the fat. If you want to train for the triathlon, or take part in the Crossfit games, this program isn't for you. The thing I like about what they preach is that it's backed by scientific research... when I went through their material I actually did check out some of the references (when I still had access to the academic journals when doing my MBA!) From personal experience, I've trained in many different ways, have had a total of five different personal trainers both in Australia and USA, have tried different diets and also supplements. Nothing has gotten me the results I was after... When I came across the Adonis Index, I used it mainly because I just wanted a program to follow. Got a bit of results but nothing extra ordinary... it was only when I started to cut my calories and then started intermittent fasting was when I started to slim down. In my case, I train about 3 - 4 times a week, spending less than an hour at the gym (which includes a warm up), fast for 24 hours once a week whenever possible (sometimes social engagements get in the way). I play tennis or badminton maybe once every other week (courts are hard to get in HK). As for what I eat, I make sure I get plenty of fruit and vegetables, but apart from that I don't really watch what I eat but try not to overeat. I've got a sweet tooth, and I love my desserts, so that's my weakness. Even if I do over indulge, I don't get too stressed over it. I don't bother with protein powders or other supplements. I'm more concerned about the total calories, not what type of calories I'm taking in. I'm not concerned about the timing of my meals as well. I'm no cover model... and I guess if I was more diligent I could get even better results... this program may not work or sit well with everyone... but it has worked okay for me. For people who ask me if they should do the program, I always tell them to go to the Adonis Index web site, check out the blog and their competition winners. If that's the kind of look you're after, then give it a go.
  10. Trousers/Pant

  11. Fitness

    Just be careful not to take in more calories than you normally would! I've also got myself injured too many times due to lapses in concentration and not listening to my body. Yeah creatine's just nasty... it's gritty and has that chemical after taste.
  12. Fitness

    How you feeling today kotmj? I'm doing the biceps and upper back workout tonight. The exercise I hate the most is the Curl & Press.
  13. The suiting thread

    BDC, I'm liking the first jacket... it seems more balanced... it elongates your torso... and it looks like a jacket you can dance in. Apart from the fit, how's the workmanship?
  14. Fitness

    haha which one did you do? The Muscle Building Foundation one? They say it's foundational but it's tougher than some of the other more advanced ones in my opinion.
  15. Shirts

    From personal experience, the few shirt makers I've used has always insisted that fused are preferable over non-fused. I've always suspected it's because fused collars are supposedly quicker and easier to make, not that I am well acquainted with the shirt making process myself. I've tried both fused and non-fused collars. I like the fullness of the non-fused, but I've tried it on a 200 thread count DJ Anderson and for the life of me could never iron out the wrinkles... Seeing them in the mirror would drive me nuts! However, for my casual linen shirts I would get the collars non-fused... As for my shirt cuffs... I get them all non-fused. More comfortable to wear... especially with the sleeves rolled up when I have to get down to business!