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  1. What you're reading right now

    Thanks, Zarium. And how's your Booker prize-winning novel coming along? I am actually kind of surprised that 4 Malaysian books had been long listed in the past 10 years. I would have thought Singapore would come up with a Booker prize long listed-level novelist. Maybe Singapore education does not encourage literary endeavours.
  2. What you're reading right now

    Ermm is this Wan Hung Long writing the Australian-Malaysian version of 50 shades of grey suits?
  3. What you're reading right now

    I am not a lawyer. I am a macaron pâttisier. (giggles*) Anyway at this juncture, I think the Malayan-Japanese occupation theme has to be abandoned at least for the next 10 years.
  4. What you're reading right now

    Hello guys, The Booker Prize long list had been announced last month. Achievements of Malaysians in the history of Booker Prize: 2005 Long listed: The Harmony Silk Factory by Tash Aw 2007 Long listed: The Gift of Rain by Tan Twan Eng 2012 Long listed and Short listed: The Garden of Evening Mist by Tan Twan Eng (which won the Man Asian Literary Prize and Walter Scott prize for historical fiction) 2013 Long listed: Five Star Billionaire by Tash Aw (Shortlist will be announced on September 10th) [which is what I will be reading next] 20??: Long listed, Shortlisted and Win: Pierre Hermé http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/02/books/tash-aws-five-star-billionaire-captures-chinas-changes.html?_r=0 Note: Someday I will be long listed and short listed as well for the Booker Prize, and go on winning it in the year which I would be short listed together with Kazuo Ishiguro and Salman Rushdie. Of course, I have not actually written a single word, yet.
  5. Dress shoes

    I bought Ladurée last week when I was in Singapore. Very nice. But very expensive. Ladurée in Singapore (Box of 8 in non-fancy box) SGD 3.80 for a piece = RM 9.50 (conversion x 2.5) The chocolate one covered in gold leaf was SGD 7.60 per piece. Pierre Hermé in Paris (Non-fancy box of 20 which is the cheapest rate) Euro 1.90 per piece = RM 8.00 (conversion x 4.2) Malaysian-made macaron (non-Ladurée and non-Pierre Hermé) About RM 3.00 - RM 4.00 The truffle (the expensive french fungus not the chocolate truffle) flavour macaron at Les Deux Garçons at Bangsar was RM 9.00 per piece though.
  6. Dress shoes

    Don't forget to buy macarons from my shop. 72 rue Bonaparte, St Germain des pres area.
  7. Singaporean members

    I just bought bamberg for my suit. 3m for 48in widths, 2m for 56in width. (Source: Ah Loke)
  8. Dress shoes

    Wooo... even the shoe tree is stained purple!
  9. The suiting thread

    That seems to be a standard AL lapel. I don't really remember TS and me gave any extended instructions for the lapels. The cat's whiskers problem: Ah I see, it could be. It was a Sacoor Brothers RTW and I asked for the legs to be narrowed down because they looked too roomy.
  10. The suiting thread

    Yes I am quite pleased with how symmetrical it is. I was worried I can never wear a jacket nicely.
  11. The suiting thread

    My new sport jacket.
  12. Singaporean members

    Hehe, ask the guy first. He might be shy.
  13. Singaporean members

    Which one is the kerbau member?
  14. The suiting thread

    Funny that the French thinks that they themselves are BOTH most arrogant and least arrogant. How does that work?
  15. Singaporean members

    Fellow is deviously doubtful like ethereal rain. Would you suspect Fellow, Mr arc?