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  1. riggy

    A rekindled love of canvas bags

    Here is something I thrifted recently. But here in the Klang Valley. I honestly got too many bags but what's one more. It's a vintage LL Bean from what I can tell. From Japan. Soft and the size of a camera bag. I think its a good size for a weekender. Bought at a 'kedai bundle' which brings in stuff from Japan (just before the Batu Tiga toll on Fed. Highway - Bunduro. Can find some Yoshida Porter bags in good nick occasionally). More photos and the usual write up on the blog.
  2. riggy

    Dress shoes

    Hello folks. Long time no post! Dominique Saint Paul. Another store for you to visit if you are ever in Ho Chi Minh. Click on the link above to see more pics.
  3. riggy


    No money no religion.
  4. riggy

    Dress shoes

    I like their wholecuts. Overall Their lasts are trad looking ( think Loake, Alden, AE, Church's for some shapes) and construction quality is good enough. A solid shoe. GYW, open channel soles, substantial feeling leather. Not much hand finishing but if they can sell in japan (the 'jln sriwijaya' brand) then its good enough.
  5. riggy

    Dress shoes

    I have never stuck to one brand. I used to use anything that I could get my hands on. Been properly (important word here...properly) maintaining my shoes only for the last 16 years or so. Prior to this was mainly Kiwi shoe polish, two brushes and a cloth to buff. Still some of my shoes from those pre-proper care days last to this day. I mainly use Woly creams and polishes with the occasional saphir whenever they were available in msia. These days since you could get em at wj&co easily (or even pricier at emenergildo zegna boutiques), I would just go buy them there. I also like to support local establishments rather than buying online just to save rm20. Actually note that I said I use anything I can get my hand on. The shoes still last decades with proper care or use, not which shoe care product by brand. This is the main thing one should note.
  6. riggy

    Dress shoes

    I have no idea where people get their polishing stuff. I on the other hand get it from shops that sell shoes or cobblers around town.
  7. riggy

    The suiting thread

    Whilst I am also not bound to an office chair my part time writing still makes sitting down for a couple of hours per day. Sometimes being passionate about something still binds you to a desk of sorts.
  8. riggy


    There are no cat's whiskers or crow's feet anywhere on the shirt. Tight, it is not. Fitted, yes. He will have to watch his diet. So this is not a shirt for me.
  9. riggy

    Dress shoes

    That 'bootmaker' is anthony delos. He works for Berluti's bespoke shoe department. Used to be independant, but not any more.
  10. riggy

    Dress shoes

    Actually if u guys are on facebook..do a search for the blog's facebook page..or my instagram.account. #amalaysianman there are some pics there already
  11. riggy

    Dress shoes

    I was at Dominique Saint Paul too. Lots of photos. I got to try lots of pairs too. Will share when I have the time. Mangii does not offer as much as what is currently offered by both fugashin and dominiquestpaul.
  12. riggy

    Dress shoes

    If u are using your phone use Pages Manager app for page posts. It will automatically separate for u.
  13. riggy

    Dress shoes

    PLal never ever have sales. Their prices are pretty low from the outright. It has been like that since like forever. Since my late father's time to when I first set foot inside their previous store along Jalan TAR in the mid1990s.
  14. riggy

    Dress shoes

    Locally, as in Malaysia? For consistently good shoes it is PLal and WJCo. I would also suggest heading over to the Canali boutiques whenever the shoes go in sale. Their shoes are made by proper shoemakers like Campanile (which I have a pair bought way cheaper than if it were a Canali in MSia). Canali shoes with lots of hand finished leathers under Rm1.5k if ure lucky. Regionally, Singapore. Many many stores and brands. Bangkok has some unique brands at the Siam Paragon shopping centre. Jakarta many brands made by either Fortuna shoes Bandung and others like Mario Minardi(improved hand patina/finishing nowadays). Ho Chi Minh is the best in terms if eye popping patina. My current fav shoe place regionally for the price.
  15. riggy

    Dress shoes

    My pair of Fugashin-Saigon. It seems that Ho Chi Minh has a quite a few good shoemakers. A lot more photos over at the blog.