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  1. deriku

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    I can understand the need for comfort but looks a little baggy for jeans especially in the crotch and knee/calf area.
  2. deriku

    The suiting thread

    Kebaya embroidery https://www.facebook.com/cnainsider/videos/1088003011222375/
  3. deriku

    Dress shoes

    Are you a shoe doctor? Or a patina specialist?
  4. deriku

    The suiting thread

    I remember reading somewhere Daniel Craig had 2 sets of each suit made in different fits, using slimmer fits for the normal scenes while wearing the more-generously cut ones for action scenes.
  5. deriku

    Dress shoes

    ^I support that. Sounds like an interesting store. May drop by on my next trip back.
  6. deriku


    A Singaporean retailer carries these - http://www.onlybrown.com/collections/vendors?q=CHRISTYS%27
  7. deriku


    Did you see the cuckoo clocks at Muji? Such old world charm infused with modern design.
  8. deriku


    Beware of tourist rip offs. Muji has umbrellas though not sure if they still carry the telescopic model.
  9. deriku

    The watch appreciation thread

    Not bespoke per se, more like aftermarket customization.
  10. deriku

    The watch appreciation thread

    Bamford-ized Rolex sport watches...not everyone's cup of tea. At those prices I could get 2 normal ones.
  11. deriku

    FS: Omega Seamaster Pro Chronograph 2225.80

    PM if interested.
  12. deriku

    The suiting thread

    I agree with what your fitter said. Full canvass with cheap fabric is like fitting an AMG kit on a Proton. I've always sourced my own cloth partially because imported stuff are so damn expensive over here. But not having the chance to touch and feel the cloth in person has its downside. And not every tailor allows customers to bring their own cloth.
  13. deriku

    A rekindled love of canvas bags

    So Mr. Porter is on sale, and though this is not a canvas bag but made from nubuck I thought it would be worth posting. Can't justify another bag purchase now I have a Linjer briefcase in addition to my 256. https://www.mrporter.com/en-my/mens/bill_amberg/hunter-nubuck-and-leather-briefcase/524148
  14. deriku

    The suiting thread

    I'm curious what the local tailors are charging for full canvass CMT nowadays. Just had a suit made after a rather long hiatus, D&J my usual tailor now charges 3k RMB which is a 20% hike compared with 2 years ago. Still reasonable I guess.