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    Dietary supplements

    I take fish oil and multivitamins. Fish oil seems to really work for me, especially when I'm doing hardcore squats and some long distance running. Pierre Hermé, what you say is so true. Nothing beats nutrition from solid food, after all we are what we eat.
  2. Style


    Brady is well known for its fishing trout bags. I was in dilemma deciding between a Brady Ariel or a Billingham Hadley Pro, I was looking for a camera bag so I decided t go with the Billingham instead, it was built for photography enthusiasts. The head of Billingham was once the chief cutter for Brady. I still long for a Brady bag. Brady Ariel in black is sexy. A black Ariel would be my next purchase. You got a good bargain with the rebranded Monmouth.
  3. Style


    Stunningly beautiful...
  4. Style

    Dress shoes

    Any suggestions for a brown derby shoes and chukka boots, both preferred with dainite soles? to be worn casually during fall/winter.
  5. Style

    PSA: a/k/a The Awesome Deals Thread

    UNIQLO Sale Week 1: http://www.uniqlo.co...pecial/campaign
  6. Style

    PSA: a/k/a The Awesome Deals Thread

    Blardy hell. I bought 3 linen jackets just last Sunday for the previous limited offer price at RM149. If only I waited a little. Oh well, then again I wouldn't have gotten the size.
  7. Style

    The watch appreciation thread

    I like the second one. The latter feels more elegant. I like the clean look on it. What draws me is the leather strap which matches the texture of the watch body.
  8. Style


    Oh please, no. I will be visiting Chiang Mai at the end of the month. Don't ruin my vacation
  9. Style

    The suiting thread

    You lucky one. Congrats!
  10. Style

    I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    Most of us had our suits made by AL, what does that say to you? Fitting is based on measurement, measurement can always change, you will know it once you are married, I speak by experience. The only attention you need to pay is on this thread http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1351948. Kindly note on the first step. I went through it and it definitely helped me in knowing what I wanted for my suit. Once you start going for your fittings, keep us updated and post some pictures, some of the Gurus may gladly guide you on your journey to bespoke.
  11. Style

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Exactly, he said the same thing to me too. Any requests I asked e.g. a pocket behind the lapel button or changing lining, he replies "too much work", and at the end of the day he got one of workers to sew a few strings on the back of the lapel so that my boutonniere wouldn't swing too much.
  12. Style


    Count me in too. Hopefully before I leave for Austria in early Sept.
  13. Style

    Dress shoes

    Beautiful, I would go for it without hesitation if only financial means are not tight for me at the moment.
  14. Style

    The suiting thread

    It taste just like fermented barley to me, I enjoy it nonetheless.
  15. Style

    The suiting thread

    I had the Chef's series while my wife took the Degustation series. It took 2 and half hours to finish the 7-course meal and we were almost late for our movie. My favorite dish was the cold appetizer, the Hiramasa Kingfish with Smoked Avruga Caviar Cream, it was utterly delicious. I am fan of raw sashimis. We started eating at 6.30pm, whole restaurant was empty with exception of one table besides us, and it was loud. When diners started filling up the place, it got even louder. It took forever to receive the bill when I make it clear that I was late for my movie. Honestly speaking, I was slightly disappointed, for the price my wife paid, the environment was not up to my expectation at all. Window scenery was dull, most interesting thing I could see was moving LRTs, other than that would be a land fill of construction. You will find better scenery from Club 21 in Bangsar Shopping Centre. For the same money, I'd rather dine at Frangipani. Not only the food is on par if not better, you also get better privileged services e.g. waiters are more attentive and polite, and a fine indoor environment where tables are neatly spaced from one another hence better privacy, last but not least, deco of the restaurant. Cilantro is next on the list.