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  1. Dress shoes

    nick, what's your size?
  2. Black tie attire

    The name is Tok. Jeremy Tok.
  3. Shirts

    how much would a tok shirt set one back?
  4. Shirts

    zarium is right. that's the review. too loose, no pattern matching. what you would probably get from bangkok. really surprised by the positive reviews they have on sf.
  5. Shirts

  6. What are you wearing today?

    kotmj, may i suggest a "Fight Club" thread under the Blah Threads sub-forum. a place to protect one's honour.
  7. Shirts

    holy mother. well done.
  8. The suiting thread

    will check them out. thanks.
  9. The suiting thread

    i'm cheap. i don't think he is. thanks for the recommendation. will check them out.
  10. The suiting thread

    oh we haven't met. i'm cheap. around hkd400 including fabric.
  11. The suiting thread

    will be going to hk soon, hoping to have some shirts tailored. any recommendation boysdontcryy?
  12. Philosophy

    Let me introduce you to my friends at Genneva.
  13. PSA: a/k/a The Awesome Deals Thread

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stunning-Vintage-Bulgari-Davide-Pizziconi-Designer-Tie-Perfect-condition-/251180277049?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item3a7b82dd39 this should be a 7 fold. unfortunately orange isn't my colour.
  14. I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    he is quite the linguist.
  15. Dress shoes

    thanks bkt for taking the effort to organise the bulk buy. the shoe trees are great. thanks also for going out of your way to meet up with me.