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  1. The suiting thread

    i just saw this on facebook yesterday also!
  2. Wetshaving

    I got mine from connaughtshaving.com, i think west coast shaving is also quite popular? Not sure if they ship to M'sia though.
  3. Dress shoes

    @loh - yes like your second photo. I don't think the leather will take the cream/wax in this instance. @"6" - doesn't corrected grain have the tendency to fold, rather than crease?
  4. Dress shoes

    Despite the high sheen, the creases on your shoes don't actually look like how corrected grain leather folds - look at the part near where your big toe flex when you walk. Does it fold or crease? If it's really corrected grain however, it won't take anything I think. No point going for the good stuff to apply. Do also be careful not to scrape your shoes on say, the legs of chairs etc., as the colour will run and there's very little you can do.
  5. Wetshaving

    So I recently started wetshaving. Bought the 'standard' beginner's kit: - Muhle R89 - Sample pack of blades - Omega 10065 (which is a standard run-of-the-mill boar) - Proraso Eucalyptus and Menthol cream soap - Alum stone Been having fun so far trying to figure out what's best for me; am on the Gilette silver blue now. Had to make some lifestyle changes however, shifting my shaving to the night before instead of in the morning.
  6. What did you eat just now?

    Kaju, no? edit: or barfi.
  7. The suiting thread

    So the happiness stops at handing over the item (and collecting the fee due) - what you want to do with it is now not my problem? But yes, profits, heh.
  8. The suiting thread

    As a business owner, do these things - stories that show people appreciate your art - mean anything other than revenue?
  9. Gloriously off-topic

    I think the Japanese have got many words like that? Like ... wabi-sabi? The woman sounds scary. Was she staring at you? Gives me the impression that she had her headphones on, with hair that parts in the centre. And just stares - not into space, but seemingly at you.
  10. Gloriously off-topic

    Sounds like the concept of the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek: https://www.startwithwhy.com/
  11. Wetshaving

    What's the difference between the two? Edit: did you all buy it online and have it shipped? Trying to figure out the best way to do this given I'm completely new.
  12. The Technique of Travel

    Have you met indomie? It's still bad in the nutrients department, but whoa! But nice mug - it reminds me of a standard issue in the army for some reason.
  13. What did you eat just now?

    Quite surprised to hear this actually! I thought the Xtrans sensors tended to reflect colours as they are, but by your comments they're instead washed out. These are the guys who are known to have great out of camera shots.
  14. Wetshaving

    What is a good starter set of stuff to acquire, that's not so pricey? Have been increasingly frustrated with the gilette razors, and the replacement blades are incredibly priced for what they are.
  15. What did you eat just now?

    You sound like someone who is quite self aware, which is great. Re the bottle - which one is the original colour closer to? Top actually looks a bit saturated to me .