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  1. Fiddler

    Have material, need tailor

    I got some linen shirt pieces for half sleeve casual shirts. Need a tailor just for stitching....not looking for high end or premium service Just a basic casual cut with a camp collar. Any tailor to recommend in Singapore...know abt peninsula plaza just wondering if there's anyone else? Thanks
  2. Hey the forum was down for a while, so could not receive or reply to any messages. Anyway Ive sold a few pairs since then, on another forum. It would be poor form to link that listing here, so if you find it, you find it. Meanwhile, please treat this listing as withdrawn.
  3. Fiddler

    Dress shoes

    To all you true US 9D's out there, here's a crass commercial plug. I am drastically downsizing my collection, keeping just a half dozen or so that truly get some use. As an aside, it's been a costly experiment to discover that double monks, no matter how stylish, are just not my thing. Over the next few days, I will be releasing them in small tranches, so keep an eye on The Bazaar. The Carminas are already up, next will be some Alfred Sargent Exclusives and O'Keefe. There's a healthy mix of leather and cordovan in everyday staple colours and styles. Some have been worn just once or twice. The prices of these things keep going higher, so you might be pleasantly surprised by the bargains on offer If you are a true US9D in size, you might find something that catches your eye.
  4. If you are a true US 9D, these will fit you. They haven't been worn a lot. I can assure you the soles on all are fine. I've taken care of these with Saphir polishes and creams. They haven't been polished in a while, since they haven't been worn. Don't be alarmed at the markings on the cordovan pairs...it's a trait of cordovan and it can be polished out....google for info. Items are exactly as per the pics. They all have shoe bags but no boxes. PM if interested. No shipping, prefer to deal face to face. 1. Leather 2-Eyelet Derby Rain Last Leather Sole 2. Navy Cordovan Wholecut Rain Last Leather Sole 3. Leather Braided Loafer Uetam Last Leather Sole 4. Dark Cognac Cordovan Blucher Oscar Last Dainite Sole 5. Burgundy Cordovan Single Monk Rain Last Leather Sole 6. Grained Leather Wingtip Brogue Oscar Last Dainite Sole 7. Whisky Cordovan Double Monk Inca Last Leather Sole 8. Dark Cognac Frankenstitch Blucher Oscar Last Leather Sole
  5. Fiddler


    Hello Shavers I have been enjoying these fine razors....and have to say they are just excellent....both are ikons with a dlc coated head....one open comband the other a hybrid head....surprisingly non aggressive, yet smooth and efficient instruments.
  6. Diet is a product of conditioning and family practices, ingrained at a very early stage...so it is very hard to get people to entertain the possibility that there might be a better way to eat. It's a bit like a pinching shoe...until you experience it, why should you do anything? I think an individual needs some sort of a personal crisis to confront the fact that they may need to reboot their eating habits. In my case, it was feeling tired and sluggish after every meal. For some people, it could be way more serious....diabetes, or colonic disease. I think a great place to start with understanding your metabolism, nutrition and how foods affect your wellbeing is the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen. I also found the book Eat Right For Your Type by Dr. D'Adamo very useful. It's worth pointing out that not everything in these books is gospel or 100% accurate for everyone. Just take from them as much wisdom as you can carry.
  7. The majority of people in this world, sadly, eat foods that are rubbish from a nutritional standpoint. It is a combination of not knowing better, a stubborn attitude (everyone eats burgers so it must be fine) and affordability. Good food is not always cheap. I got interested in nutrition around 5 years ago and it affected me profoundly. The fact that food could actually make you sick and even kill you was something I'd never considered. Neither was the realisation that food, either ingested or abstained from, is the best medicine for anything that might ail you. I went vegetarian, cutting out all meat and felt great. I also started subscribing to the belief of combining foods correctly. Most people think this is hogwash but I am convinced of its accuracy. The no. 1 rule of food combining is 'no complex proteins with complex carbs'. That's what 99% of the world does. Burgers, chicken rice, lasagna. I used to eat that way too and always felt sluggish after a meal but blamed it on rice. But when I stopped combining meat with bread, rice, potatoes and pasta , I felt great. And I lost a lot of weight. Almost 15 kg. but not in a Matthew mcconaughey sort of way. It just slipped off gradually. Now, since last year, I've kicked it up a notch. No wheat, no rice, no dairy, no sugar. At all. I've also reintroduced meat once a week...but the meat has to be lean and clean. And I feel even better. You would think id be starving but it's just the opposite....I eat like a pig and have no shortage of choice. The only thing is I find myself eating at home much more since you can't trust restaurants to do everything your way. So I find myself cooking a lot more and enjoy it as well. Kotmj, congrats for taking the first step. It is truly shocking that the number one cancer in these parts is cancer of the digestive organs so I feel there's no harm in being selective about what you put into them. I've also stopped buying shoes and this has benefited me greatly.
  8. Fiddler

    What are you wearing today?

    Handbags at dawn. (I go away for a few weeks and all hell breaks loose.)
  9. Fiddler

    What are you wearing today?

    Sharp green tie. Rock on dandy boy.
  10. Fiddler

    Dress shoes

    These look like what I term 'whim shoes'. You buy them on a whim because you think hatch grain is cool, then wear them two-three times, then pfffft, the longing just fizzles. I hope I'm wrong though as they couldn't have come cheap.
  11. Fiddler

    Dress shoes

    LOL, fat boy above really cracked me up a few months ago. Selling a display piece of G&G (presumably tried on many times, scuff marks on sole etc) at full price. When asked if he would lower the price to reflect the fact that these are not strictly brand new, he said " they're even better than new because they've been polished by ME." What a twat!
  12. Fiddler

    Dress shoes

    I thought most on here would recognise these as St Crispins so I did not bother with the frivolities. But here they are for the record. Model 524C Chukka in 611 Bordeaux Crust Calf on Classic Last. Pronounced vintaging was requested and added as can be seen below. The opening is not that wide so as to require broad trouser cuffs. Perfect in every way. http://
  13. Fiddler

    Dress shoes

    This just in:
  14. I have had some clothes made by the dude in the middle. Lovely chap.
  15. Gosh...you guys look like twins.