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  1. Shirts

    Starting to feel like another type of guys forum.
  2. Trousers/Pant

    Usually, I just sit. I don't see myself squatting too much.
  3. Singaporean members

  4. Shirts

    I am here just to look at guys in unbottoned shirts.
  5. The suiting thread

    aye aye sir
  6. The suiting thread

    *Bows to EF LAU, The Cloth Baron II*
  7. T-shirt

    Ed hardy. end.
  8. Ascot Chang

    Which is very strange. I heard of the 3 pc min per order too. When I went down; only ordered one - 1st time customer.
  9. Any members with fit pics of their kerbau? *bump from the grave*
  10. [Cigars] Montecristo No 4

    Got more than I needed. Duty Paid. Looking to recover some cost. -Buddy took it off me-
  11. The suiting thread

    Too depressing. Looks like a underground bunker.
  12. The suiting thread

    i missed MOP-gate
  13. Shirts

    Feeling the collar.