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  1. pennyboy

    A rekindled love of canvas bags

    Deciding between a olive Filson 257 and Monmouth. Does the Monmouth stand on its own and thus not crumpling documents inside? Filson's strap feels stiff and uncomfortable. Brady's strap feels softer but is it worth the price for a non leather strap?
  2. pennyboy

    Hwa Seng Textiles

    Been thinking about this question. Since the pool of experienced coat makers/sewers are shrinking due to age and lack of entrants, are all the top tailors in SG using the same team of people? Thus would there be significant difference in the make up by different tailors?
  3. pennyboy

    Dress shoes

    Would Meermin be dropping by Singapore?
  4. pennyboy

    The suiting thread

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I think SG guys are largely influenced by what is seen on high street fashion. Just curious is the MY trousers cut similar? Do you encounter such requests often?
  5. pennyboy

    The suiting thread

    My friend's first fitting. His first tailored suit. Prefers a slightly modern cut. Going let out the trousers, lengthen it, and 'forward' the pleats. Shoulders would be widened. Sleeves rotated and a longer jacket length. My friend also wanted to take in the waist for a closer fit. I was thinking of lowering the buttoning point slightly. Personally I find the trousers are a little tight in the thighs. But my friend thinks otherwise haha. What do you guys think?
  6. pennyboy

    Dress shoes

    Really nice!
  7. pennyboy

    What are you wearing today?

    Thanks! Padding is not significantly more than my other sb suit from another tailor. But I really like as it adds substantial bulk to my build. Everybody own 1 db haha.
  8. pennyboy

    What are you wearing today?

    For my family portrait. Beginning to fall in love with my new db.
  9. pennyboy

    The suiting thread

    Thanks 6 and bdc for your feedback. I like the fit, slim yet comfortable for movement. Lapels are indeed quite similar to Alan See's db. Guess it is good to have a classic db. It can be worn for years regardless of trends.
  10. pennyboy

    The suiting thread

    First db suit with a new tailor. I really like the trousers..it hangs very well. I feel that the jacket looks a little too classic for my liking, but cant pinpoint the issue. Should the lapel go higher? Perhaps Im still getting used to a db. Do you guys think the bunching at the back is due to my poor posture and dropped shoulder or can it be improved further?
  11. pennyboy

    Dress shoes

    Double monks from Atelier Llyr.
  12. pennyboy

    What are you wearing today?

    Yeah 295 is not a bad price and being able to try on the shoes before buying is an advantage. Im sure that Meermin's quality wasn't developed overnight. Hopefully Llyr would improve on the tactile element in their future collections. Anyway it's encouraging to see a local men's shoe brand coming out from SG!
  13. pennyboy

    What are you wearing today?

    Im no shoe expert, having only tried french brands like Loding and Markowski. Quite impressed with Atelier Llyrs latest collection. Feel that it is better than the first. Leather is nicer, more designs, and a good price point of sgd295. Got a pair of double monks. Post some pics later. Emeritus Mentor was there as well. We went for drinks after the event.
  14. pennyboy

    What are you wearing today?

    Atelier Llyr shoe launch at Swagger last Friday.
  15. pennyboy


    Woah thought it was me in the pic haha..yeah totally understand it..got the same problem too.