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  1. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    The problem I have with people like Syed is the same problem I have with the Najibs, Rosmahs and the Zahid Hamidis of this world. I'm not sure where it comes from, but somehow, many of us grew up with an innate sense of truth and of fairness. We want to behave in a way that meets our own standards, even if external conditions allow us to behave worse. If we behave in a way that doesn't meet our own standards, we feel dismayed at ourselves. Many humans have this. It's called a conscience. When a person, or groups of people are without this self policing ability, they will do anything for their own benefit that they think they can get away with. There is no longer an objective truth. There is no honour. There is only opportunism. I have met several of these individuals over the years. They are however in the minority. The vast majority of humans behave to a relatively high internal standard.
  2. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    I was going through an older SD card when I found a pic of Syed's final fitting. My lawyer now has it. We're suing him at the High Court. Hopefully before the end of the year, he will owe me the equivalent of a Rolex Sky-Dweller.
  3. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    I made that grey 3-piece, at a time when I was very vitamin D deficient.
  4. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Sultan in Escorial Toledo, a 3-ply high twist Panama weave. Customer works in Singapore.
  5. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Yeah. Can't taste that bad.
  6. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Another wonderful video of how a Hamburg tailor works. He deferred to the customer's wish for a questionably short jacket. The amount of work put into the suit boggles the mind.
  7. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    What a great interview!
  8. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    To contrast this, a few days ago, another guy came in with his fiancé. He ordered several suits. The fiancé was behaving perfectly naturally. When she looked at me, she was hiding nothing. I have no problem taking their order.
  9. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    The fiancé has every intention of extracting "maximum value" from the transaction and expects me to be deferential to her. But why would I be? I am of far greater accomplishment than she ever will be. She's about the age of my employees. How do I extricate myself from this transaction? I haven't invoiced them or anything.
  10. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    A guy came in with his fiancé for a wedding suit. I can tell the fiancé is already preparing the ground for an antagonistic relationship with me, the tailor. She was unimpressed with pretty much anything. She wasn't warm in dealing with me. She was trying to be subtly disagreeable. The guy has heard about me since donkey number of years ago and reads this forum and is eager to go ahead with the suit, and so is she, but she will make life difficult for me. He doesn't perceive this. I perceive this because I've been doing this 8 years. How do I recuse myself from making him his suit? I don't want his business. I feel privileged to have met him, but I don't like to deal with such a fiancé.
  11. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    I get to be something of a consultant on this project.
  12. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Every year, there is a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week KL. Employee #2 was invited to compete. He is currently making the clothes he sketched above, working on them after working hours and on his off days.