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  1. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    I think I have advertised for a vacancy at JT (for sewing tailors) in 5 different places. The response has been so tepid. It appears people are gainfully employed. Just now, I received a message from an applicant. He said: hi, I'm looking for a job.??? There are really only two people on this earth who prioritise what you need over their own needs. Your mother. Your father. That's it. For everyone else, their interests come before yours. I don't care that he needs a job. I care about what he can do for JT. It's interesting that there are people who fail to realise this.
  2. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    The shop office we're planning to move into has 2500 sqft. I think some 400 sqft of that is a glass-enclosed room that faces the lake. Previously, this was the MD's office. Another 400 sqft is given over to the toilets, pantry, and store room. The remaining 1700 sqft is an open space. Currently, it is carpeted in the grey felt so common in offices. This space will be the workshop, and the carpet is not suitable for the purpose. Over the last couple of weeks, I've explored various flooring options. Tiles, laminates, vinyl, epoxy... Today, I called and asked for a quote for grinding and polishing the concrete. Basically, there is no finishing on the concrete floor. It is ground and polished with abrasives to a high gloss like marble or terrazzo. I was quoted RM2.50/sqft. I think I'm going for this. Once done, it should look something like this:
  3. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Damn. I wonder if JT could ever be housed in a place like this. RM9500/month. https://www.iproperty.com.my/property/sri-hartamas/rent-100310611/?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=campaign_ao_iprop_dpc-lc_o-lead_dmktg_adset_adset_inmarket_my-kuala-lumpur_age-25-above_remarketing_rent_ad_ad_dynamic_dpc-lc_my-kuala-lumpur_age-25-above_rent_en
  4. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Yesterday, staff lunch in Starling Mall
  5. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Not exactly how I envisioned it...
  6. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Made by one of the employees. A professional can make 2 vests in a day. This guy took 6 days to make one.
  7. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    I went to Teluk Intan yet again to buy seven of those vintage weights the antiques dealer found for me. He said he bought them off another antiques dealer in town, since he knows I'm looking for more. This means I now have 11 of those weights. This may sound like a self-indulgent number of weights to have, until you realise there are four tailors working on-premise. While I was there, I saw this tailor's square. It's not exactly of ultimate quality, nor is it particularly well preserved, but it is certainly higher quality than modern plastic or aluminium squares. Notice the curve on the inside of the square. It's a template for the curve of the jacket fronts. You see something of a scale, apart from the imperial system of inches. "3 RDS", "6 THS", "12 THS", etc. Tailors use these divisions because patterns are drafted using "proportionate systems". Meaning, the tailor takes only a few key measurements off the customer's body; the rest of the shape of the pattern pieces are generated using fractions of those key measurements, the most important being the chest measure where the jacket is concerned, and the hip measure where trousers are concerned. However, today, the proportionate systems of old no longer meet the tastes of the times. They result in extremely large and roomy garments. I also bought a pretty old folding chair made locally out of solid hardwood. The REAL reason I drove down, instead of having him courier the weights to me, is a 1932 treadle-powered Singer 99K on its original solid hardwood cabinetry and cast iron legs. Alas, he wanted RM1.2k for it. I didn't think it was worth more than RM800.
  8. kotmj

    The suiting thread

  9. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    While I catch many, many problems with the production of our garments, I am constantly aware that the people who sew for me have very developed manual dexterity. I suppose it's like being a coach for a high level sports team. While each player has numerous weaknesses, and each match reveals many areas for improvement, the coach is aware that these athletes are performing on a level that the general population can only dream of. He knows he is dealing with people of uncommon talent. I discovered that one of my employees started a DIY blog when he was 17. Instead of being addicted to video games, he found himself drawn to making things with his hands. Have a look: http://win-derfulchap.blogspot.com/?m=1 I, too, was making all sorts of stuff in my teens. By the time a person comes for an interview with me, if they haven't spent the last 10 years making things, their complete lack of manual dexterity becomes very obvious. Every interviewee (even interns) is given a test for manual dexterity. What task that specifically entails is currently a trade secret.
  10. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    It's much tough cutting very large trousers for a customer who moreover has a splayed legs stance.
  11. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    The best dining area I have seen, apart from a conservatory. The bar is less successful. Its a place I don't see people naturally gravitating towards, except for the bottles. This is absolutely gorgeous. But it's not where he sees people. He has like an enclosed den near the dining area where he conducts most of his meetings. Then, there is a boardroom with a large meeting table where his personal assistants work.
  12. kotmj

    The suiting thread

    Employee making a vest