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  1. The suiting thread

    Two part timers working simultaneously. Both are from UM. I have a third one, also from UM, who starts this Thursday as my dispatch rider.
  2. The suiting thread

    I'm currently making nine jackets in this Piacenza navy puppytooth seersucker. In fact, I like the cloth so much that I'm ordering 10 jacket lengths---one is for me. It's for a group of groomsmen, almost all of whom are cousins. They are pairing the jacket with cream trousers in VBC and a pale blue shirt in Soktas.
  3. Gloriously off-topic

    Sometime in January, while out walking with Max in Gohtong Jaya, I found the puppy above, quite abandoned. It lives inside a covered drain in the Genting Spelling Station, barking at whoever comes by. A car mechanic nearby would come feed the puppy during his lunch hour. It has no other sources of food. I'd visit every few days to feed it. As CNY approached, the mechanic asked me what we're going to do with the puppy. I said I can't take it home because I live in an apartment. Maybe he can think of a bungalow I can rent? He couldn't think of any. I eventually brought the puppy home anyway. I recently moved both dogs into a terrace house, but I haven't myself moved into it. Here's the puppy today: It's an extremely affectionate dog. Very gentle and sensitive. It's quite different from a retriever like Max who has been bred for specific properties. It's more of a scavenger: lightning quick and opportunistic at swiping food, barks quite a bit more, and doesn't really watch the owner's cues like a retriever would. More of a wild dog. But very affectionate and gentle.
  4. The suiting thread

    The sort of zipper for blousons, where every tooth is polished and shiny. I hope when I call YKK Malaysia, I won't have to deal with an ocean of retarded employees. http://ykknorthamerica.com/product/excella/
  5. The suiting thread

    I've been rejecting requests for appointments almost totally lately. Which is to say, if we've never met and you'd like to come to commission a suit, I can't do it. Mostly because I took on a big order for a group of groomsmen. But also due to quality of life reasons (don't want to work that hard). The original plan I had was to abandon suits, and start sewing jeans, myself, from home. One jeans a day. Why? Because that way, I get to spend time here where it is nice and pleasant, instead of having to go down to KL which is unfit for humans to live in. Also, I no longer have to deal with retarded sewing tailors anymore. But suits keep growing. Efforts to scale up capacity have not been sufficient, partly because I keep firing those I hire. There are so many opportunities left unexploited for years: new foreign markets, new products (tailored casual wear), product innovations, new marketing opportunities (engagement with celebrities, etc.), etc. Instead, all that happens at JT is suits and more suits for the KL market.
  6. The suiting thread

    A tailored blouson solves a problem many people have. When a shirt is too bare skin, and a tailored jacket too formal, a tailored blouson is perfect.
  7. The suiting thread

    As is cashmere, obviously. Time to bring in the cashmere books.
  8. The suiting thread

    I found someone who makes blouson jackets. This is a garment type I'm really interested in. I discussed with him how one cuts a blouson, and it's not that different from a suit jacket, except for the fly front, and a certain special treatment near the top of center front. I think Escorial is a great fabric for a blouson jacket.
  9. The suiting thread

    I can't. I can barely treat customers as customers, I find it impossible to treat students as customers. Also, looking at the entry requirements (at least 3 C's in SPM, other subjects can be F's), it would be like teaching at a school for special needs children. It has been a whole day, from morning till now. There is no end to the work the business generates. I caught sight of this view of the Pfaff and the streetlights outside, and photographed it. The design of this Pfaff was heavily influenced by Olivetti. Back in those days, Olivetti was like Appel today---its take on industrial design was revolutionary. I would have thought the Germans would have stuck with the Braun-inspired Bauhaus design; this is one of those exceptions. Just now, I found a good way to handle the cloth labels. Stick them to the paper patterns. I felt like a genius for coming up with this system, until it dawned on me it took me six years to figure it out. They included a booklet to extoll the virtues of Escorial. If you strip away all the marketing, Escorial remains a very remarkable cloth, totally unlike merino.
  10. The suiting thread

    Received an internship application from an Inti Subang Fashion Design diploma student. Duration is to be 5 months. I googled this programme, and learn it is for two years, during which students learn basically nothing. Sorry, I looked at the syllabus, and I do not see why such a ludicrous thing is worth doing. It's what you teach yourself by googling and youtubing. It also happens to cost the student RM45k. Since the internship alone is a quarter of the duration of the programme, shouldn't they pay something like rm10k to me if I accept them as an intern? The "highlights" include "students are exposed to real life projects, fashion shows, enriching field trips to showrooms and rigorous internships to ensure industry-readiness." I'm even supposed to provide a rigorous internship. I don't think they actually mean it. I think it means I'm supposed to be doting and nice. When I'm actually rigorous, they might be scarred for life and never want to do fashion design. https://newinti.edu.my/programme/diploma-in-fashion-design/ If I were a parent, it would never in a million years occur to me to send my kid to a crap course like this.
  11. The suiting thread

    Ambrosi back pockets for comparison
  12. The suiting thread

    I'm calling these pinroll welt smiling pockets.
  13. The suiting thread

    Made another practice back pocket Pocket bag. The grey strip is the pocket facing; I put it in the wrong way.
  14. The suiting thread

    I also used white thread so she can see the stitches easily
  15. The suiting thread

    This morning, I sewed this back pocket, mostly to show Part Timer A that it's not that intimidating. It's far from perfect---its just a demo from someone who almost never sews. I did the very bespoke ultra fine welts, and the similarly very bespoke curved welts which are more difficult. You almost never see such narrow-lipped, curved back pockets except on high end bespoke. Not even Ambrosi is like this. Told her to practice at home and show me results next week.