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  1. monsieurxu

    The watch appreciation thread

    Loren the Time Bum reviews the Millésime Merveilleux... Pre-orders due to close soon at millesimewatch.com We are now sold out of the Navy and Chocolate dials, thank you guys for your support! http://www.thetimebum.com/2018/10/millesime-merveilleux_20.html
  2. monsieurxu

    The watch appreciation thread

    Nope not soldered on. The entire Merveilleux case is CNC-milled. You wouldn't believe how long and how difficult it was to nail down just the right dimensions for the lugs and crown and to get the curvaceous shape just right, true to vintage form but at the same time practical for modern wear. It's a minor miracle that this case is 100m water resistant. I agree with you that many mainstream watch brands are doing vintage-inspired watches now, but few to none do vintage dressy watches, and none with the teardrop lugs of the 1950s Vacherons and IWCs. I want to share with you guys the premier model of my new brand Millésime, the Majestique Haute Horlogerie watch featuring a flinqué enamel dial and Vaucher ultra-thin movement with solid gold micro-rotor, available in 5 dial colours. Love to hear what you all think of it! https://millesimewatch.com/products/majestique-haute-horlogerie
  3. monsieurxu

    The watch appreciation thread

    Would love to hear what you guys think of this - https://millesimewatch.com
  4. monsieurxu

    The watch appreciation thread

    I like the sound of the vintage Memovox better, it's a little more sonorous and well "old-timey"
  5. monsieurxu

    The suiting thread

    ^ very nice J. Looks a smidgen short though Love the powerful peak lapels and shoulders.
  6. monsieurxu

    The suiting thread

    True, although a navy blazer could arguably work for the latter situation and look just as good. Plus it can be worn indoors (can as in it looks right - there's of course nothing stopping you from keeping your peacoat worn indoors although that's a rather HK look). When I was in uni, my "hops from home" garment was played by a barbour. Seems to be the thing in the UK, with a gilet added when extra cold. I think the main issue I have with a peacoat versus a blazer is the former should be taken off indoors, exposing a sweater or shirt, which doesn't look quite as put together as a blazer over a sweater or shirt
  7. monsieurxu

    The suiting thread

    I really like your peacoat J (as well as peacoats in general)! I think part of the allure is the classic DB/military silhouette that echoes heroic uniforms of yore. My main gripe with it is that it has to be cut close, so fitted over a shirt or thin sweater. And when you go into modern overheated buildings, you have to take off the peacoat and all you're left with is the shirt or sweater underneath, unlike say a DB blazer which is meant to be worn indoors and can be worn underneath an even grander DB overcoat/greatcoat.
  8. monsieurxu

    The watch appreciation thread

    I have to say, that is a gorgeous strap pairing. Brings out the dignified-ness of the vintage Rolex...
  9. monsieurxu

    The suiting thread

    Critique the fit http://www.boredpanda.com/three-piece-tweed-horse-suit-emma-sandham-king/
  10. monsieurxu


    Actually... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_printing_in_East_Asia
  11. monsieurxu

    Gloriously off-topic

    Nice article there.. well it's like everything else now isn't it, from cattle to plants to fish. I'd be interested to hear how you think Wenchang chicken compares with the ones in Malaysia. There's some really good chicken breeds in Malaysia. In fact what's the name of that huge-chested but small male chicken that is used for competition, and food? I've eaten all over the world and to this day, the best chicken ever is still the ones I've had in the Jiangsu province countryside. Virgin chickens with pure yellow skin, lean and full of flavour. Superior to the much-feted Poulet de Bresse from France even.
  12. monsieurxu

    Gloriously off-topic

    Hmm those are quite astute observations and it sounds like a valid theory. On a related note, Chiang Kai-Shek is an asshole.
  13. monsieurxu

    Gloriously off-topic

    Wow fascinating journey you've taken us on kotmj! Isn't Wenchang the origin of the famous Wenchang chicken (the ancestor of chicken rice?) Interesting to see how humble the Soong family ancestral house is. HH Kung, the husband of Soong Ai-Ling was the richest man in China (and the Finance Minister) at the time. Never knew they were from Hainan, traditionally a place where officials were banished to as a punishment. The shots of your village look so idyllic. I'd much prefer to live in that sort of communal single-storey complex than modern Western-style housing.
  14. monsieurxu

    The Polo Shirt

    Well my products have always been positioned at the top end of the market. I've always preferred to do things to the absolute best I can, otherwise why bother? When Pagani or Koenigsegg first began, they were also compared with the likes of Ferrari. But they really appeal to two different crowds. Ultimately, do you want to pay top dollar for a well-known name, or unsurpassed quality and design? I don't know of any competing polo that can compare with ours; if you guys do then do share - I'll take note and surpass them in the next batch!
  15. monsieurxu

    The Polo Shirt

    Anyhoos, our RTW polos are priced at 225 USD, and Bespoke is 325 USD. This will be for the Superfine Pique Cotton. Celadon Connoisseurs receive a 15% price reduction. By the way, the Superfine Pique Cotton may be soft and refined, but it is 220g (8 ozs) which could qualify as summer jacketing. Doesn't wear warm at all though, cooler than my Bonfanti linen-cotton shirts in fact. Now that we're still in our soft launch phase for the next week or so, I'd like to offer all Kerbau members a complimentary upgrade to a Bespoke Polo. Just PM me here or on facebook with your order (choice of colour, cuffs, collar etc) and Kerbau username! We're also going to do turtlenecks and travel safari-style jackets in the pique cotton, and Mulberry Silk polos. Also some womenswear on the side, but that's just for my own fun. Will tell you guys more as we go along...