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  1. Zarium

    The suiting thread

    Wah, I like your peak lapels. Long way since circa 2012. Still not digging the gap between collar and lapel, though. And that faux buttonhole on the lapel. Also, I intend to drop by one of these days. I'll get in touch with you again real soon -- sorry, been busy this past month!
  2. Zarium

    FS: Maison Celadon Imperial

    For sale is a Celadon Imperial watch. From the first series. http://www.maisonceladon.com/the-imperial.html White dial, blued hands. This one has the twin gold hand-engraved balanced cocks. From memory it's number 24/25. Comes with the original strap which is quite used, the original buckle, cleaning cloth, case, box, etc. In immaculate condition, might have hairline scratches around the back of the lugs from changing straps, but the rest of it is almost perfect. Selling because I'm funding a TOTL. I'm asking for RM3000 for it. Whatsapp me at 012-2331815.
  3. 1. Vanda Fine Clothing navy and brown custom made plaid tie (https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-fEXrBkLpi3w/UXY3B_kBsbI/AAAAAAAAAVc/XNaRCLAyWtY/w720-h480-no/IMG_5005.jpg) This is from an old fabric they used to stock: called "MA4305-B." Can't remember the fabric content, but it should be linen/silk. 3.5" width, 60" length http://i.imgur.com/lHqzbET.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6XMjzSl.jpg RM250 2. Ralph Lauren Purple Label dark maroon plaid tie 3.5" width, 58" length http://i.imgur.com/bAqNw2s.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IbaKuJn.jpg RM200 3. E. Marinella navy patterned tie Please note that this tie is slightly damaged. The thread a few inches from the narrow end has become slightly unravelled. See picture. 3.75" width, 60" length http://i.imgur.com/jYlrRzZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RjminA7.jpg RM100 4. Burberry navy tie Slight stain on narrow end, quite minor. 3.75" width, 58" length http://i.imgur.com/lys2ZGs.jpg http://i.imgur.com/gp87v4e.jpg RM70 5. Pari black twill tie 3.75" width, 59" length http://i.imgur.com/c7t6nia.jpg http://i.imgur.com/G6gZ9aP.jpg RM40 6. Joseph Turner knit tie 2.75" width, 58.5" length http://i.imgur.com/Vpsp30O.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5mbwP2D.jpg RM80 7. Santostefano satin tie Quite a unique colour/design. Very smooth hand. 3.5" width, 62" length http://i.imgur.com/reYtP5S.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RiS3m4M.jpg RM80 Contact me via text/Whatsapp at 012-2331815 if interested.
  4. Zarium

    The watch appreciation thread

    Spring Drive. I had a SD (non-GS) for a short while and I loved it. Still regret selling it. It's very accurate and doesn't require as frequent of a service as a hi-beat. Not that you necessarily need to send a hi-beat for service every five years (or whatever is stated in the manual) as Seikos are so robust anyway. Amongst other things...
  5. Zarium

    Gloriously off-topic

    But have you cried?
  6. Zarium

    I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    Well, not exactly an escrow but a middleman...
  7. Zarium

    What are you wearing today?

    Your tumblr has a music player -- what is this, year 2000 with the proliferation of .blogspot widgets blaring teenage Green Day emo songs intended to convey the tribulations of middle school? Though it did make me glance at my calendar, just to be sure... Also, nice belt.
  8. Zarium

    The suiting thread

    That's not a surprise. Tactioception is perhaps the weakest of our five traditional senses.
  9. Zarium

    Gloriously off-topic

    Also, the camera being "good" means good enough for taking photos meant for social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram et al.
  10. Zarium

    Gloriously off-topic

    Ha, I think the keyboards on Android OS devices are horrible, too. But I've always been an iPhone user, so what do I know? P/S: I'm no Apple fan. I like the iOS because it's idiot-proof. That's it.
  11. Zarium

    The suiting thread

    Fuiyo, those lapels are nice. A bit more belly and it'll be close to what I've always wanted. But there's something weird about that button stance. The bottom button is positioned so far down in relation to the position of the top of the side pockets.
  12. Zarium

    Black tie attire

    I like those peak lapels. Very nice.