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  1. joonian

    The suiting thread

    That is a horrendous looking peacoat sorry
  2. joonian

    Prologue HK Trunk Show Jan 6th & 7th 2018

    hello! what does prologue charge and how many fittings are required/offered? will be in hk next month and keen to give it a try.
  3. were you wearing socks without pants
  4. joonian

    Garment maintenance

    update - flood the stain with soap solution then gently massage with a sponge. it works, but it is laborious process. i am only 10% of the way through.
  5. joonian

    The suiting thread

    pray tell
  6. joonian

    The suiting thread

    where is this KK tailor? kota kinabalu?
  7. joonian

    Garment maintenance

    hmm. it's a lot of blood. i might try to pay someone to do it.
  8. joonian

    Garment maintenance

    In case anyone here happens to know — who's a good drycleaner in London who can deal with a blood spattered suit jacket? Very nice vintage Dunhill that I wish to save. Drycleaned once already and stains are still there.
  9. joonian

    The suiting thread

    ^ both very nice. maybe i will spot that suit in new york tomorrow.
  10. joonian

    Bespoke outerwear

    isnt flannel too thin
  11. joonian

    Dress shoes

    lol this is awesome. it's like when dexter takes on a Big Bad.
  12. joonian


    You can't eat art, I guess.
  13. joonian


    He's also been selling his stuff at firesale prices to borrow cash http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-12/flashy-malaysia-financier-said-to-sell-picasso-basquiat-at-loss
  14. joonian


    ^ lol i have to say i love the gant BD collars. have three, but none are oxford cloth, weirdly. I guess it's just harder to find them on the 'bay compared to Brooks or whatever.
  15. joonian

    The suiting thread

    i like it! i actually have a sportcoat that is rather similar. but it has darts on the front. this one looks like undarted?