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  1. holymoly

    Singaporean members

  2. holymoly

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    You might be surprised to know several tailors are not as discerning about cloth fabrics as one might think. I also know a few who are fairly ‘colorblind’ with regards to shades and undertones.
  3. holymoly

    Casual shoes

    Its corrected leather. While I readily admit that I have given them more care, the boots were worn on week long trips without rotation. Yeah, I will not fix them.
  4. holymoly

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    I am still not sure where Hubeross comes from. Or why it is found prevalent only in Southeast Asia.
  5. holymoly

    Casual shoes

    Leather quality and how it wears over time. I have not decided if I should save these boots. Certainly the cracks are pretty substantial. The inner sock lining has also been damaged in several areas (not shown).
  6. holymoly

    Casual shoes

    How my sole has been worn over years
  7. holymoly

    Casual shoes

    This is the most painful, as these have sentimental value. I love these boots but my curiosity is stronger so here it goes. Felt midsole with foam shock absorbent material on the forefoot and heel.
  8. holymoly

    Casual shoes

    You can see where the sole meets. See the end of the tiny split. Jam a knife in and slowly work your way, splitting the sole.
  9. holymoly

    Casual shoes

    Been wearing this pair of Dr Martens Smith Asymmetric Boots. These are side zipper boots with an interesting last. This last is tapered and can be passed off as business casual unlike the traditional rounded last Dr Martens is more known for. I love the side zippers especially when going through customs where shoes have to be removed or when I have to attend a Japanese/Korean traditional meal. Unfortunately these have been EOL'd so you cannot get them anymore. These are made in China but pretty decently built. These boots have been to 5 continents over nearly a decade, about a quarter of which (or more) are worn everyday. I always have trouble with conflicting information of how Dr Martens wear over time, the construct of the famous heat-sealed shoes and the overall leather quality. So here is my attempt to document them with pictures. Hopefully at least one or two people might find them useful.
  10. holymoly

    Dress shoes

    We all have Goodyear welted shoes, finding someone to do sole replacement is a bit of pain though. In fact, after 166 pages here, I am no less clear on where to do so. Found one by chance so here it is. Have not tried them personally, but I thought it is best to share. Shoe Clinic 86 Redhill Close #01-596 Singapore 150086 Mobile: 91704700 Prices - approximate (best to bring down shoes) Front sole topy/Vibram $55 Heel sole topy/Vibram $45 Full sole Vibram $90 Blake welted recrafting with full sole replacement (Vibram/Dainite) $120 (Black) $150 (Red/Blue/Orange) - will stitch in new midsole & polish leather <if you can source soles, then recrafting workmanship cost is $95> Goodyear welted recrafting with full sole replacement (Vibram/Dainite/Leather) $205 - I only know of Ed et al., as the only other place to do this. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  11. holymoly

    The suiting thread

    Sounds like you already know the answer...
  12. holymoly

    What are you wearing today?

    Love the jacket. I have to admit to growing sideways too. Sadly.
  13. holymoly

    Gloriously off-topic

    https://garage.vice.com/en_us/article/7xdv9x/michael-anton-styleforum How a Menswear Troll Became a Trump Administration Insider National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton's 40,000+ posts on menswear message board Styleforum tell us a lot about the people who work for the president.
  14. holymoly


    6, I will say the handrolled edges are one of the neatest I have seen so far. Just been made aware of another-entreneur-from-Styleforum brand coming out this year. https://vecchioanseatico.com/en/ Good pricing and selections. Handrolled edges wavy and less tight than Vanda's.
  15. holymoly

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Thanks for the video! I enjoyed the interview. Jeremy, close down the aperture. The focusing often is on the background rather than the faces.