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  1. Dress shoes

    Bit of nasty swipe eh? Yuya Hasegawa of Brift H won in 2017.
  2. Dress shoes

    World Championships in Shoe Shining 2018 https://coconuts.co/singapore/news/worlds-best-shoe-shiner-26-year-old-singaporean-man/ John Chung, 26, emerged as top dog in the World Championships in Shoe Shining 2018 last month — an actual annual competition organized by leading authorities on classic men’s shoes at the London Super Trunk Show. The founder of Singapore’s first artisanal shoe shine bar Mason and Smith went head to head with fellow finalists from UK and France, and it was Chung who impressed the judges on color, shine, and finesse.
  3. Shirts

    The single ply Meander 71 doesn't feel warm. Just a little too translucent and a little too 'shiny' for my liking. Just found out that it is tough to iron out the creases as well. LOL
  4. Shirts

    Button-down shirt Fitting
  5. Shirts

    Soktas Linda Meander 71 66% Cotton 34% Linen Very light and porose, relatively less prone to wrinkles than pure linen. Single ply. Horizontal unstructured fine white lines across. Translucent with light, suggested as shirt fabric for hot summer days. 2nd from right chosen as test shirt
  6. Gloriously off-topic

    Gotta have wifi to answer emails. And porn for lonely nights.
  7. Gloriously off-topic

    Does it have wifi?
  8. The suiting thread

    I actually love this, but there are a few small things that bug me. 1. The spread of the collar needs to be bigger. For such a coat, it needs to have presence. Right now the collar size makes it look weak. Collar looks misaligned too - but I will give it a pass. 2. Buttons too close to the edge of the fabric. 3. The skirt needs to be robust and flared. 4. Personal taste is to have adjustable cinched waist at the back. 5. Kinda wish that you carry the chevron design from the sleeves to the back and pockets.
  9. Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Did you inform Derek? The initial run, he offered in half meter increments.
  10. Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Posts #1506 and #1507 on this thread http://thekerbau.com/topic/88-collateralised-debt-aka-the-cloth-thread/page-76
  11. Prologue HK Trunk Show Jan 6th & 7th 2018

    Congratulations takashi for what looks like a successful trunk show! Too bad I cannot spend the weekend there.
  12. Prologue HK Trunk Show Jan 6th & 7th 2018

    I prefer the colour cream than white for pants. White can be so stark and bright when new. Cream often avoids most of the see-through of white.
  13. Everything Digital Photography

    Do you want to take a punt with a Kickstarter campaign of a Biotar 75mm f1.5? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/315452809/the-rising-all-star-team-returns-legendary-biotar?ref=nav_search
  14. The suiting thread

    Not every cutter is good at customer interfacing. The latter does need some technical skills which may include helping the customer determine the fabric choice, sketching an overall design, picking out previous drafts (if pattern was already made), pinning excess fabric. Right now you are already the cutter. What you are trying to do now is 'progressing' to the next phase of business: being the proprietor of the business and leaving the manual labour to others i.e. by hiring a cutter.
  15. A rekindled love of canvas bags

    Just a tiny warning to those consider Billingham and Brady rubberized canvas as somehow better than the other types of canvas available elsewhere. I have handled older Billinghams and they do show delamination. Billingham has acknowledged this in the past (circa 2011?) that the rubber will delaminate in older bags, and will harden/crack/deteriorate over time. In our climate, this process is likely to be more accelerated. Once you see delamination, it is likely that the bags will not be waterproof (or stormproof as Billingham calls it). Also, if you do buy Billingham camera bags, the warranty is on the bag itself and not on the foam inserts. The foam inserts will disintegrate and you will need to replace them on your dime. Here is the new Hadley One. The Hadley now has a carrying handle. The shoulder strap comes with a shoulder pad. The laptop sleeve is now fixed but still lightly padded. The camera inserts can be fastened down. The rear zipper is a YKK rainproof one. Importantly, it now has a luggage pass through for luggage handles so that one can have brief moment of respite for those aching shoulders while trying to look cool jetsetting. I hope I resist the temptation to go to the store to see it.