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  1. Malaysia Best Dressed Man

    #3 is shanecross right?
  2. What are you wearing today?

    By singapore standards, simple probably means a t-shirt, shorts and slippers/sandals.
  3. Singaporean members

    residentdandy, if you mean what you say, you get 2 votes (including my friend) from me.
  4. Latest hauls

    LOL. Have the exact same thought.
  5. Singaporean members

    I will most probably bring 2 friends along. They are lurkers here.
  6. Singaporean members

    count me in.
  7. Garment maintenance

    This is good. Thanks. Youtube has some good ironing videos. I iron a shirt every night and with practice, it becomes easy and i can do it under 5 mins now.
  8. Garment maintenance

    So what you mean is, anything with wool (pure, or blended) in it should be dry cleaned and not "hand washed"? But why do you think only sweaters can be hand washed? even if its a wool sweater?
  9. Accessories

    Are Kent Wang's guilloche enamel cuff links worth the price of USD55 a pair? While I like the fact that it is double sided, the new designs seems to make it alittle dull.. http://www.kentwang.com/cuff-links/guilloche-enamel-blue.html
  10. Accessories

    Anyone knows where to buy the buckles used in side adjusters?
  11. The inspirational as all heck thread

    How much does everything adds up to? USD100k? Hmm
  12. Latest hauls

  13. Latest hauls

    hi guys, i need some opinions. I have a new Horween shell cordovan colour #8 wallet and the saphir cordovan polish. Does it help to apply the polish first to "protect" the wallet? Or should I use it first and apply months later?