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  1. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    Jeremy, Already have your name down for this model yet? 36mm should suit your wrist nicely.
  2. takashi

    A rekindled love of canvas bags

    Back from the dead yo !
  3. takashi

    The suiting thread

    The Armoury and Mark Choo does these sort of video really well. Did you check out their Youtube channel?
  4. takashi

    Dress shoes

    Have you tried venetian shoe cream before? Since thats what Horween recommends.
  5. takashi

    The suiting thread

    I miss him
  6. takashi

    Dress shoes

  7. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    My favorite DD variant.
  8. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    Elbow patch on jacket sleeve......dafuq ?
  9. takashi

    The suiting thread

    And what happened after that?
  10. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Price of JT kidney is worth a 4yr masters degree with private classes by Mr L himself.
  11. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Would you be interested in going for a "summer course" at Liverano ? Say an intense master class.
  12. takashi

    The suiting thread

    File a patent?
  13. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Genius idea
  14. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Went to college with the son of one of the owner of Watatime. His side of the family sold their shares few years back. Its now owned by only one family and the other portion by Lion Group.