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  1. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    Sure or not.....
  2. takashi

    Dress shoes

  3. takashi

    The suiting thread

    You are due for a perm.
  4. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    U like bang bang bang?
  5. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Kantoi la macam tu..... You need an uncle with 20yrs experience.
  6. takashi

    The suiting thread

    And why would you wanna sue them?
  7. takashi

    The suiting thread

    What was the case about again?
  8. takashi

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    That would make for some yummy chambray workwear shirts!
  9. takashi

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    No customers ask for button fly?
  10. takashi


    Can customers still request hand shanked buttons?
  11. takashi

    Garment maintenance

    Get some venetian shoe cream.
  12. takashi

    Garment maintenance

    Yups used once on a 3yr old Alden shells, covered up scratches. Bought on Amazon shipped to relative house in US and flown back to me when they came and visit.
  13. takashi

    Garment maintenance

    Have you tried venetian shoe cream?
  14. takashi

    Garment maintenance

    Damn the pair i bought few years back didn't have them.