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  1. takashi

    Garment maintenance

    Damn the pair i bought few years back didn't have them.
  2. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    Sold mine some years ago to fund an independent purchase.
  3. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    It was a very dimly lit pub. Plus the camera of an iPhone6.
  4. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Why does Antonio say never iron a jacket but yet they are pressing them? Is ironing not the same as pressing?
  5. takashi

    The suiting thread

    https://thearmoury.com/journal/a-guide-to-garment-care-with-antonio-liverano?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=A Video Guide to Garment Care with Antonio Liverano&utm_content=A Video Guide to Garment Care with Antonio Liverano CID_1fa32bf0dffc0e91a51e2309140af1e5&utm_source=Mailing List&utm_term=WATCH NOW
  6. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Bruh....you need this watch. I am sure as an engineer you would find the engineering behind it quite amazing.
  7. takashi

    The suiting thread

    This Joel fella's body shape doesnt look like its hard to fit. From his FB pic.
  8. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Rent paid in gangsta suits?
  9. takashi

    The suiting thread

    Do you feel the Muji one is overpriced?
  10. takashi

    The suiting thread

    1st time seeing it angled to such an extreme. Issit speeding upstream?
  11. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    I like this one, oh so sweet vanilla smell. http://isofrane.com/
  12. takashi

    The watch appreciation thread

    Your strap is 1-2mm too narrow bruh
  13. takashi

    The suiting thread

    There is a vid on Dylan&Son insta where he used almost 30mins to press a pair of trouser. Too long?