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  1. Trousers/Pant

    Was this a bespoke comission or from the RTW line of Ambrosi? Why would the customer accept a completed trouser that is this ill fitting from such a famous house and havinf paid so much?
  2. Trousers/Pant

    Do you think if you paid local trouser makers enough they will achieve such level of finishing? Now i am very curious to see the fit pics.
  3. Trousers/Pant

    Why is the lowest buttonhole made at an angle?
  4. Trousers/Pant

  5. Gloriously off-topic

    You should bring them to KL with u
  6. The suiting thread

    Well you said it urself, some may have learned from their parents or somewhere else, or purely out of interest......so no harm testing them on their tailoring skills, no matter how little.
  7. The suiting thread

    Can the sew, can they cut etc..... Give them a piece of cloth and see how they work it?
  8. The suiting thread

    Take the Mensa test? How bout their technical skill?
  9. The suiting thread

    Will there a hands on test of their basic skill?
  10. The suiting thread

  11. The suiting thread

    Young people doing it purely for the money and not give a shit bout the craft. Thats why this industry is in decline locally. Even SG has a few young "tailors" who wants to continue the tradition and craft to create.
  12. The suiting thread

    Go to SG and visit some of the "famous" tailoring houses there to check out the competition?
  13. Worn and take cared of lovingly. Model is a MTO from Tassels shoe store in Hong Kong. Size 8.5D Barrie last on flex sole. Comes with everything in the box including shoe bags. Just put on a fresh coat of Saphir Renovateur. Item located in KL. Price: RM1400 COD, Shipping extra.
  14. Garment maintenance

    My sperate resevoir steam iron just has this one "auto" setting. Either on/off. Do you find some cloth type harder to iron out the wrinkles on the shirt?
  15. Forum matters

    Choose a better looking background pic? One which is not a demon or monster?
  16. The suiting thread

    So the previous logo on the garments you made will be a collectors item!
  17. The suiting thread

    Would you then as a customer accept such a jacket? Or would you ask for more fittings, or possibly full refund and say fudge it?
  18. The suiting thread

    Request a scene where u can be in it for a cameo!
  19. The suiting thread

    Dude can be your "Social Media Maager" You know you want one......
  20. The suiting thread

    Interesting choice of music..... No scenes of JT drafting or cutting the fabrics?
  21. The suiting thread

    Love the leather jacket
  22. The suiting thread

    So he ask people to pose in front of him for the pics?
  23. Utility jackets (military, safari, travel)

    I thought he was hacked up in the jungles of Africa or somewhere......