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  1. Forum matters

    Thanks JT - good to be back online!
  2. Dress shoes

    I've had this same problem (the pinkish blemishes) on a couple of pairs of shoes with this sort of finish (I actually have this same pair of Barkers too). In my case, the situation has improved significantly since I stopped wearing those specific pairs of shoes whilst driving.
  3. Fineries

    Thank you, will look it up
  4. Fineries

    Any recommendations for getting good socks (i.e. those that don't slip down your calves) in KL? Thanks.
  5. Facials

    Where did you go? I've actually never been for a facial in my life either.
  6. Interiors

    Nice house
  7. The Technique of Travel

    So you guys wear a suit jacket on the plane, but with jeans rather than the suit trousers (which are packed in the suitcase)? I've thought about doing this, but not sure if it would look odd.
  8. The Technique of Travel

    I practice most of the above, but I regularly see colleagues bring 2 suits and 2 pairs of dress shoes on short trips too.
  9. Bexley Shoe Trees Group Buy

    Many thanks lolzx for organising
  10. Dress shoes

    Nice Carminas teoky ... how are your Herrings though?
  11. T-shirt

    +1 on Marks and Spencer
  12. Dress shoes

    Oh so the founders are named Glen and Karen. I thought it might have been some whisky reference.
  13. Next next level

    LOL, what a fantastic pic
  14. I too, found the same issues with my iPad. Instead of going down the Surface route, though, I bought the 11-inch Macbook Air.
  15. Wetshaving

    Thanks guys for all the warnings!