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  1. shanecross

    [WTS] VBC Mid Grey Suiting Cloth

    Selling off this beautiful mid-grey cloth from VBC. RM 475 for a suiting length (3.5meters). Dropped me a message at 0166660734 if interested. Thanks !
  2. shanecross


    Nackymade was in town yesterday and a few of Kerbau members were there too. Thanks for coming everyone. Had a good quick chat and insight with tomoko and nacky. These couples are really going for the international market! They will be back in October, hopefully with a KL special edition piece. Some pictures to share.
  3. shanecross

    The suiting thread

    Rocked up the quarter lined CB sports jacket and a navy buttoned down. I think this works ...heh.
  4. shanecross

    Nackymade in KL

    Hey guys, Bumping up the topic for a bit. Nackymade will be arriving in KL this coming Wednesday evening (20th April 2016). There are still a couple more slots open so feel free to swing by Traders Hotel on the 21st. Contact me if there are any questions Thanks for the support!
  5. shanecross

    Nackymade in KL

    Hey guys, Its been a while since I’ve posted on The Kerbau. Myself and terrorsquad aka cloth baron managed to get Nackymade in KL next month (21st April @ Traders Hotel KL). Let me or the baron know if anyone is keen to get a pair. You guys can actually check them out at their website as well. In terms of pricing, they should start from USD400 and above for the RTW series. Thanks for the support guys and please do swing by if you have the time on the 21st of April.
  6. shanecross

    What are you wearing today?

    Dont know i think cuz its too thin and unlined thats why..
  7. shanecross

    What are you wearing today?

    Have not used fresco for quite some time. My humble WIWT
  8. shanecross

    The suiting thread

  9. shanecross

    The suiting thread

    Hello everyone ! Its been a while Havent dressed up for a bit
  10. shanecross


    Hey is this still available ? PM me dude
  11. How much do they go per metre?
  12. shanecross

    Ozzie members

    has anyone checked out the new Henry Bucks store? Looks pretty rad fellas.