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  1. Shirts

    Because he is my high school friend. Haha
  2. Shirts

    You must be talking about buttonwell!
  3. Shirts

    Sure thing!!!
  4. Shirts

    Nah I'm gonna pick them up myself.
  5. Shirts

    Take 2 weeks for Duly to deliver my shirt. Is that a standard time frame?
  6. Shirts

    hi I'm Ryan and business haven't been good here either so i might be going back to KL for good. yeah im not gonna make any suits, just some shirts, so i think im going to hit up lala duly. will report back with my experience with them.
  7. Shirts

    hi guys ive been lurking in this forum for a few days now and really interesting to read up this shirting thread since the first post. i had my first suit made 2 years ago by ALT after reading the LYN thread and i have the honour to meet up with kotmj and desvaro for one of the fitting sessions. im currently based in bangkok and after reading this thread, seems like jeremy is impressed with how lala duly make a shirt. So i want to ask the sifus here any of them have experience tailoring in bangkok and which tailor comes recommended. and for sure if i have a chance in future would like to make some shirt with Jeremy~! Cheers !!!