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  1. urban

    The suiting thread

    I wonder how much of the decision to do the interview can be attributed to this pretty lady.
  2. urban

    A rekindled love of canvas bags

    I have a Brady for myself and a smaller one for my teenage daughter. They are excellent products.
  3. urban

    The suiting thread

    You don't conquer the world by conscripting WW2 veterans in 2017.
  4. urban

    Dress shoes

    a very small dab of polish and a little water.... circular motion each time until all wax applied onto shoe. Repeat many many times.
  5. urban

    The suiting thread

    The wooden rack for threads is very lovely.
  6. urban

    Dress shoes

    I do not think the loafer suits the trousers.
  7. urban

    The suiting thread

    No, thank you.
  8. urban

    The suiting thread

    That's harsh. It may well be true. But harsh nonetheless.
  9. urban


    I have 2 equus belts; and they are exquisitely made. Not cheap but worth it.
  10. urban

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Who clothed the cloth man?
  11. urban

    Gloriously off-topic

    I do find the foreground leaves a bit distracting, in an otherwise serene setting.
  12. urban


    Of course that would not work. I jest. There is no reason for one to have belt loops with side adjusters.
  13. urban


    A bit like having zippers and buttons on the fly. Doubly secure.
  14. urban

    The suiting thread

    And welcome riccyn too.
  15. urban

    The suiting thread

    Actually all three are not that bad. At least it is not The Tramp.