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  1. niakulah


    Is that meant to be a bib?
  2. niakulah

    The suiting thread

    At least she didn't say "decenter".
  3. niakulah

    Gloriously off-topic

    Hear! Hear!
  4. niakulah

    Garment maintenance

    Yes I did before too. I get best results with a lot of water and my Tefal on max temp. I still think my Silver Star is too hot. I might try it on minimum next week.
  5. niakulah

    Garment maintenance

    Just tried this, didn't work for me. Here is my JT shirt immediately after ironing.me
  6. niakulah

    Garment maintenance

    Ok. And you don't need to wait for the section to cool down before you move to the next section?
  7. niakulah

    Garment maintenance

    Finally got the Silverstar about a month back. Excellent results pressing pants and putting in a crease, but I am not getting good results ironing shirts. I got frustrated and switched back to my Tefal steam iron last night, and I just realised how much hotter the Silverstar is, even with the Tefal set to max. So I'm thinking I was simply using a too high heat on the Silverstar, to the point that the fabric of the shirt doesn't cool enough as I move the shirt around, and 'forgets' the ironing it has received. So what setting do you use on the Silverstar for shirts? I was using 4. Or do you also have a vacuum board that you use with it?
  8. niakulah

    Prologue HK Trunk Show Jan 6th & 7th 2018

    Lol. Jeremy still exercising restraint.
  9. niakulah

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Not been to your new place; how's the security? Does the guy sound nuts enough to try something?
  10. niakulah

    The suiting thread

    Never done an Instagram ad from within Instagram before. I don't have access to the Instagram account, as unlike Facebook, there is no concept of Page Admins. I link the Instagram account to the Facebook Page, then create an Ad in Facebook. This Ad will run in Instagram (I think now is by default, I can't find the checkbox anymore).
  11. niakulah

    The suiting thread

    Wait until FB changes their interface again... Instagram is not so bad, it's just an extension of Facebook ads. It's just 1 checkbox IIRC. AdWords is so much better, I agree. Plus if you consistently spend on it, Google will offer you free consultation about twice a year.
  12. niakulah

    Dress shoes

    EG does sell from the factory at lower than retail, but choices are very limited. Oh and definitely leave them untied AND use a shoehorn.
  13. niakulah

    Garment maintenance

    Lol. Ok thanks.
  14. niakulah

    Garment maintenance

    Do you feel that there is anything that it cannot do that a normal household iron can?
  15. niakulah

    Garment maintenance

    Hmm. Ok. When I was doing my research before buying my current iron, I came across stuff like the Laurastar Pulse, boards with fans to extract steam and stuff like that. But the consumer stuff seemed way too expensive to be worth it. I stumbled upon this Singer and it seemed like a cheaper alternative. I have no problem with hanging it up in my laundry room. If I accept the drawbacks, would it be able to iron and press my stuff better than consumer irons?