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  1. Dress shoes

    No worries.. enjoy your london trip zinzan. I guess once u hit jermyn street youll be spoilt for choice. And maybe a visit to G & G at savile row which is very nearby
  2. Dress shoes

    And as 6 said buying at full retail isnt cheap at all even after tax claim about 8-10%. Might be better off getting online. But i was just happy to get the correct sizing and try out the many options
  3. Dress shoes

    Hi zinzan i was in london recently when the c and j sale started.. the only stuff that are on offer are their seconds and some models that they made for other companies or as testers that they wont be continuing. Nothing really from their normal range
  4. I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    Good day everyone, was wondering if anyone here has experience with the MTM services of Ring Jacket from japan. Considering commisioning a sports jacket from them. But im quite skeptical when They claim they can get it right the first time without any additional fitting. Any thoughts on this? Anyone?
  5. Singaporean members

    Hi there... im new to this forum hope the singaporean members here can advice me on which reputed tailors in singapore i can go to if i purchase my own fabric and bring it to them to commision some stuff for me