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  1. The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Great Mind ! One shoes salesman went to Africa, return and said "no way, no one wears shoes there" Another shoes salesman return and shout "I got a market full of shoesless person, this is my time"
  2. The Denim (contrast) Thread

    wow, is bespoke Jean that big of a market for these investment ?
  3. The Denim (contrast) Thread

    A bit high level for me on the yoke part, but love to learn if Kotmj can sacrificial some of his coffee time explaining ~
  4. The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Fit pics pls x 2 Should jean (cotton but demin like) fabric be cut same as wool trousers?
  5. The Denim (contrast) Thread

    I got myself some demin from Loro and also some goldish yellow thread . Not sure how the "style" should be thought....
  6. kotmj's Tailoring Notes

    Agree with Kotmj, anyway will bring in the buttons when during fitting which I have no idea when it will be, hope I can get the suit before the CNY.......
  7. kotmj's Tailoring Notes

    Latest news, my tailor said that will be extra fabric for a vest.... light button for a 3 pcs...seems too Paul Smith if I did that
  8. kotmj's Tailoring Notes

    For my side, only grey offers is plastic, I have yet to look into the button store yet, maybe they have some corozo too. So I am looking for some alternative colors for the light grey, sure grey on grey is handsome. But if I have to go off color.....I was looking on tumblr and see black, dark down, dark blonde... I have some light blone / white horn, fabric plain grey, style two patch, two vents open quarter, 3.5" lapel, pairing with white button on light grey, acceptable ?
  9. kotmj's Tailoring Notes

    That lapel roll, beautiful I am about to have a lighter grey suit being made at the moment, wonder what button goes well with the light grey fabric. The white MOP looks nice here ~
  10. South Korea Classic Menswear Listing

    Agree, seems to disrespect own tailor trying to feature others, totally understand profit is made during the truck show, but just a bit strange to hold it into your own tailoring premises... For their price point, what do customer think of their stuff being "outsourced" ? Especially when most of these tailors emphasize their work as piece of art...maybe a new era of industrialistion of bespoke wear ?
  11. The suiting thread

    Nice jacket on the groom. Also notice the contrasting button and buttonhole, I guess they did their job as they defintity got our attention.
  12. South Korea Classic Menswear Listing

    Is this Leong T shop a rtw shop ? I saw they also invite Ambrosi for truck show...
  13. Shirts

    wow, that Collar by Master Tok is beautiful ~ is that unfused collar or a fused collar with soft interlining can create this effect ?
  14. kotmj's Tailoring Notes

    Nice Jacket Kotmj ! I quiet like the cut : the label width (and stitichingis nice), one button design plus shoulder makes it looks unique. Same here, talking about vintage, I would think of lower gorge, draper, wolf of wall streetish vibe ....acutally that American....so I might be wrong here....
  15. kotmj's Tailoring Notes

    Can you teach us more on the double gorge dart ? What is the purpose of adding this ? for a fuller shape ? And one more queston (inspire from your half linning H&S above) : How much extra fabric is needed for half linning and self linning ?