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  1. Dress shoes

    ah yes you are correct, I see this on the other shoe although it is somewhat more tidier and less obvious. Interesting the suede on this shoe is also much better and does not display the pilling or hairyness effect as seen in the first example.
  2. Dress shoes

    Hi Gentlemen, after some advice if anyone has the time. I purchased a pair of Loake suede penny loafers a few months ago and have only just got around to wearing them. I just noticed some issues with the suede which seems to to be pilling and there's a crack on the sole. Pictures attached. These shoes have never been worn and I'm wondering if someone can tell me if I should talk to the vendor (P.Lal) about this or am I just being overly fussy? Maybe there's a way to deal with the suede but the sole bothers me as it may worsen quickly?