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  1. Loh

    The suiting thread

    I find this guy's presentation clear and concise when instructing. His speech spacing is palatable for instructional videos How to Lube and Tune Stabilizers - YouTube
  2. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Next you'll start having thumbnails featuring your shocked expressions with chessy clickbait text at the side, "You won't believe what I did with the VBC..." Then you'll have gone full youtuber mode.
  3. Loh

    The suiting thread

    ah, the first meme i've seen in this thread
  4. Loh


    Didn't know you made pocket squares. I'd be happy to get a JT classic white linen pocket square.
  5. Loh

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Shouldn't the Japanese text be read from right column to left column?
  6. Loh

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    can't know for sure. Could very well be a gimmick. At the very least it's faithful to the obvious and distinct features of the first jean model. Here's some pictures from a genuine vintage auctioned off. Leather patch contents are different.
  7. Loh

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Documenting this crisp and pristine Levi's 501 1890 (9 oz.) reissue before I start breaking into it.
  8. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Maybe you if you donate to JT Global Campus education fund.
  9. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Bribe??? You mean an anonymous and generous donation to the public fund for the welfare of our peace officers?
  10. Loh


    I very much like Japanese koi fish motifs
  11. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Can't wait to see the finished work! Is this an invitation only event?
  12. Loh

    The suiting thread

    It's a fresh breath of air (and elegance) when we're so used to seeing the regular shorter jacket variants
  13. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Would anyone know where I can find a sifu in KL/PJ that can tailor a samfu/male cheongsam? Preferably one who respects classic style and traditions without modern compromises. Even better if they have a nice selection of fabrics to choose from. For the lack of a better analogy: I want a classically cut canvassed suit vs a modern, skinny, shiny suit. More this: And less this:
  14. Loh

    Dress shoes

    There was a promotion for Cobbler Union shoes in the Parisian Gentleman website and so got these. Took some time to get here due to some order mismanagement and nature of shoes being made in small batches. (I have bad lighting so tried to colour correct to be as accurate as possible)
  15. Traditional standard demands cotton drill apparently, same as khaki drills. But nowadays people go for cotton-linen blends which are more practical for hot weathers I guess.