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  1. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Can't wait to see the finished work! Is this an invitation only event?
  2. Loh

    The suiting thread

    It's a fresh breath of air (and elegance) when we're so used to seeing the regular shorter jacket variants
  3. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Would anyone know where I can find a sifu in KL/PJ that can tailor a samfu/male cheongsam? Preferably one who respects classic style and traditions without modern compromises. Even better if they have a nice selection of fabrics to choose from. For the lack of a better analogy: I want a classically cut canvassed suit vs a modern, skinny, shiny suit. More this: And less this:
  4. Loh

    Dress shoes

    There was a promotion for Cobbler Union shoes in the Parisian Gentleman website and so got these. Took some time to get here due to some order mismanagement and nature of shoes being made in small batches. (I have bad lighting so tried to colour correct to be as accurate as possible)
  5. Traditional standard demands cotton drill apparently, same as khaki drills. But nowadays people go for cotton-linen blends which are more practical for hot weathers I guess.
  6. Loh

    The suiting thread

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B42UQ8jC9S8/?igshid=1pb8mvpmoe3wk Rubinacci workshop looks like some bunker laboratory.
  7. Loh

    The suiting thread

    That could be some decent PR talk should you ever get interviewed about it. Congrats. Now you can be like those tailors that display or frame up all their things to tell the world how good they are. hahahah. And you have 2 of them!
  8. Loh

    Garment maintenance

    Used Muji shoes trees for a couple of years now. Sanded it recently and it's good as new again. Smells good now too.
  9. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Where were the competing tailors from?
  10. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Very nice! What's the weight of the cloth? I find jackets (in any form) to be a must during flights. It's uncomfortably cold for me in a plane.
  11. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Yeah like NoName said, 2 stories would work fine. Story 1 & 2 or 1 & 3. Either way please include playing with snake around neck. I like that part.
  12. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Purple suits or in this case, a tailcoat, can look quite elegant:
  13. Loh

    The suiting thread

    I can pretty much choose any colour I like as it won't make a difference to the people around me. It's still going to be a shocker because they don't wear suits at all. Not even the top boss. Maybe go for tan or dark green as your next suit colour if you want to get a little adventurous.
  14. Loh

    The suiting thread

    Lookup the minister of Google for his list of accomplishments. Compliment him and congratulate him. Then get him to record a video of himself congratulating you on your business.
  15. Loh

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    I'm sorry