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  1. Item: Carmina Navy suede string loafers (size 7UK), with flush metal toe taps on the leather sole tips. Comes in a deep rich navy colour in Carmina's famed suede. Size: 7UK Last: Uetam Colour: navy Leather: suede Package includes: the shoes, shoe bags, shoe box. Shoe trees not included. Price: RM 950 (full price including GST would come to almost RM 2,000 now). Dealing method: COD. Can do postage but buyer will need to bear the cost (I'm unsure how much it is). Location: Kuala Lumpur / Kepong / Selayang Contact method/details: PM or WhatsApp @ 016-3378701 Item conditions: very good. Worn less than 10 times. Sole would have some wear and tear, but toe taps mean the tip of the soles are 100% intact. Reason for sale: not a loafer kinda guy. Only really found out after I bought them...
  2. The suiting thread

    I'm in HK for a 4-month work assignment and recently bought 3 RTW shirts from Ascot Chang in IFC Mall HK. My workplace dress code in Malaysia is casual so I never needed shirts, and al I had previously were mostly from Uniqlo. The biggest difference was wow, look at how nice the AC collars are! They were on 50% discount so I got 3. The fit probably isn't the best for me though. One size fits my chest area, but there is some excess around the waist. Size down and the chest a bit too tight. Cuffs are a bit too big, but I suppose the cuff button placement can be altered slightly to accommodate my slim wrists. I think 2 were from house fabrics and 1 from Alumo which was pricier by about 35% I think.
  3. Dress shoes

    More than double the price in 7 years, even with the free falling ringgit, still feels excessive. Oh well. I'll pay them a visit and probably do it anyway, just to avoid a re-sole. The next pair of Carmina I order online will either be Dainite soles or come attached with flush metal toe taps. Anyone with experience with their Tomir sole, which basically looks like a topy on a leather sole?
  4. Dress shoes

    Huh, after some searching on the LYN forum I came across a post from you that mentions it was RM 55 for the Continental half soles... damn, that's less than half of what the lady charged me for the Vibram half soles! I'll drop by sometime soon to see what the Ikano shop can offer. Anyone else got topys done there before, what's the price you got charged?
  5. Dress shoes

    Anyone? kotmj, I recall you recommended Continental rubber soles for shoes. In what way are these better than Vibram soles? I had Vibram topies done to my Meermins at the Ikano cobbler. The lady boss charged me RM 120 for just the half sole. Seems mighty expensive... Add another RM 120 for rubber heels. Is the Continental cheaper? I just want to make sure I'm not being ripped off I don't like the look of leather soles with rubber topies, but the toe area of my new Carminas are wearing out first.
  6. Dress shoes

    Anyone knows where to install flush metal toe taps? I tried asking in LYN before but no one knows. Failing that, alternatively, is the Ikano cobbler to best choice for installing non-flush toe taps? I've read before that they don't actually have the top taps, you have to bring it to them to install. Where do I procure these toe taps?
  7. Dress shoes

    Even the owner of WJ & Co (Wen) told me his Meermins sqeuak. Said he dismantled it and tried all kinds of method but it still squeaked... so it's been put to bed now I think. He suspects the insole or outsole wasn't properly moisturized which could be the reason for it... something along those lines. Maybe it ties in with what Chong said about the curing during the tanning process.
  8. Dress shoes

    I suppose my topic about brown captoe oxfords with casual clothing got swarmed by this sudden tsunami about JM Weston, Mercedes, steel mills, Meermins, and sultans. Anyway thanks riggy for your advice, much appreciated. I like the brown oxfords, but would prefer getting a more casual pair (assuming someone buys it). Don't ask me why I got them in the first place... long story. On another note, I actually have a pair of classic line Meermins. Compared to my Carminas, the suede on the Meermins are a clear step down. On the Carminas there is a brilliant iridescence about the suede... Stroking it reveals a different shade of colour depending on the angle. There is little of this on the Meermins. Plus, the Meermins squeak when I walk. I believe I saw a number of you saying the same thing somewhere in this thread too. Has put me off from buying another pair from Meermin.
  9. Dress shoes

    What I mean is that a pair of captoe oxfords are regarded as formal shoes, and hence pairing them with jeans may be inappropriate. Is there no truth in this?
  10. Dress shoes

    I wear jeans on most days though. A dark brown captoe Oxford seems a little too formal with jeans, no?
  11. Dress shoes

    Well this will probably come off as an insincere first post (it probably is in some ways), but I have a pair of J. Fitzpatrick (aka the shoe snob) dark brown museum calf oxfords 7.5uk for sale. I have worn them only once to a dinner function (so no tarmac or rough terrain). Reason I'm selling is that my office dress policy is now casual when it used to be semi-formal, so I don't think I would be wearing this pair often. Might get another more casual pair instead. PM me if anyone is interested. I can send you pics. Price is RM 1,350 (a new pair including shipping/taxes will cost RM 1,800+). http://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/collections/oxford/products/magnolia-dark-brown-museum-calf I have actually been a lurker here for the past few months, and believe it or not I've gone through every page of this thread. Well most of the links and images from the earlier posts are no longer working but I've gleaned some useful info off here. I seem to recall someone here recommending A Fine Pair of Shoes site for buying Saphir stuff... but I also found a buyer off eBay that is probably slightly cheaper (http://www.ebay.com/usr/shoe-shine-shop). Does anyone have a better suggestion now? I was at WJ & co. and the Renovateur there is RM 120, which is expensive (twice the price). I did get a pair of Carminas there though, which are still priced more expensive but only slightly (around 10% a few months ago... now around 20% higher given the ringgit appreciation). Still a nice little shop that you can look, feel, and try on before you buy. The owner Wen is friendly.