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  1. cheefai7


    Would you wear a side adjuster pants with just shirt without coat/blazer/suit/sport coat in Malaysia business environment?
  2. cheefai7


    oh, is it something from redecker?
  3. cheefai7

    The watch appreciation thread

    6, yeah i can feel that the poison is pushing at me. Considering the Sumo, Turtle and SKX007....
  4. cheefai7

    The watch appreciation thread

    Riggy, a very difficult question, should someone offered you the price of a brand new turtle, will you sell it? 6, we have about the same wrist size, hows does it wear? Head heavy?
  5. cheefai7

    The watch appreciation thread

    Well broken in and great pair with cream Nato. Sir riggy, wow, you had the lollipop hand melted with a hole, definitely a good iteration of wabi-sabi! Possible to restore the mechanical without alter the current state of appearance? Good read on the write up, hope my wife understand "Another reason to start collecting early".
  6. cheefai7

    The watch appreciation thread

    Meaning it has been through mountain and seas, what's left could be the sentimental. No intention to revive the turtle?
  7. cheefai7

    A rekindled love of canvas bags

    Tempted but i think the handle is overly long to be carried, and hope they offer the leather wrapped bottom, more resilient against daily wear.
  8. cheefai7

    The watch appreciation thread

    They won't call desk diving for nothing. What is your wrist size since turtle could be worn enormously large on a tiny wrist.
  9. cheefai7


    Always been contemplating for a shell cordovan money clip wallet, the only route is by leather atelier. Even if it's Thai hand sewed, it has to set me back as much as RM800 to RM1200, only blame is our weaken currency. Really dig the Horween #8 shell cordovan... Should I pull the trigger or wait for my whiskey brown Braun Buffet died on me?
  10. cheefai7


    Cold brewing. It will limit astringency during tea extraction, but need more time approx 6-12 hours in the fridge, if you like it icy cool.
  11. cheefai7


    Great to know that i can share my tea drinking journey here. I ain't a tea snob and will just drink any tea that is good value and palatable. 2015 Lugu winter Dongding Oolong Competition, award winning tea. Strong pine fragrance, hint of roast. Tea itself is full bodied with pleasant aftertaste, pine, vegetal, mild astringency for pushing the tea too hard. Huigan is lingering at throat and not willing to give up.
  12. cheefai7

    The watch appreciation thread

    The patina developed on this turtle tells it has dive the seven ocean.