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  1. beaver

    The suiting thread

    Ke arah kuasa dunia...
  2. beaver

    The suiting thread

    Did you get the "PM best price" messages?
  3. beaver

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    With "Jajajajajajaja" stamped on the buttons. Lol.
  4. beaver

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    They look so good
  5. beaver

    The suiting thread

    Saw this WJ & Co when I was in BSC. Opening soon it seems, https://www.instagram.com/wjandco/
  6. beaver


    I experienced the same thing with some Oxford shirts that I ordered from you too.
  7. beaver

    Gloriously off-topic

    The safety belt plug is available in Malaysia.
  8. beaver


    Please share more pictures of Hainan.
  9. beaver

    Gloriously off-topic

    Sounds like a book from Alvin Tan.
  10. beaver

    Dress shoes

    Thanks. I was just thinking of checking it out.
  11. beaver

    Next next level

  12. beaver

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Never tried TM before, but I am interested as well if price is okay.
  13. beaver

    Dress shoes

    The U-Tip looks good.