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  1. The suiting thread

    Ah okay got it - thanks! Do the wrinkles at the back of the sleeves have anything to do with the pitch? I am wondering if asking him to rotate the sleeves back would make it any better.
  2. The suiting thread

    Thanks kotmj. Not sure if I am understanding you correctly, but are you suggesting that the back be taken in like the arrow in the picture below? Should I be concerned about the wrinkling in the lower back, and at the back of the sleeves (from the side profile)?
  3. The suiting thread

    Here are the photos from my second fitting. I thought the back and sleeves could be cleaner, but I could not really articulate where the problems lay and how he should fix them. He said they were fine and some wrinkling is inevitable, but after some haggling, he agreed to a third fitting next week. Any feedback would be much appreciated - thanks!
  4. The suiting thread

    Hi everyone. My first post here. I'm getting a suit made with Ah Loke and had my fitting done a couple of days back. Would love to get some feedback from more experienced folks in this forum. Is it acceptable to post the fitting photos in this thread for feedback?