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  1. ladhrann

    Forum matters

    Still no joy Kotmj. Getting the forum with no skin here so plain text only like the screenshot above.
  2. ladhrann

    Forum matters

    kotmj, here's what I see on screen, most like I'm missing something really obvious: http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s592/mactire3/Screenshot1_zpsc6237142.png~original
  3. ladhrann

    Forum matters

    I see this a build 3.4.4 on my screen, but am unsure as to why I'd have to install the software on my own pc? I'm running Windows 8 and firefox on a new laptop now and still have the same trouble.
  4. ladhrann

    Forum matters

    I thought that at first but its been like this now for a few days and the connection displays other sites fine.
  5. ladhrann

    Forum matters

    The forum has gone all wonky on me, no theme or background at all just plain text on a white background.
  6. ladhrann

    Latest hauls

    All's well that ends better!
  7. ladhrann

    Latest hauls

    Report and file a complaint to the post office and claim for loss. Did you ask the postman or concierge who takes in the post what happened?
  8. ladhrann


    I have not been so fortunate as you with fused collars, they have always given way. As well as that the fused collar can have an uncomfortable feeling next the skin. In any event a non-fused collar will look as crisp as a fused one provided it is washed, ironed and starched properly.
  9. ladhrann

    The inspirational as all heck thread

    aka 'saddle-stitching'
  10. ladhrann


    An unfused collar cannot delaminate like a fused collar so I don't know what you mean by bubble? Although I have seen collars where there is too much excess face fabric. I don't know how you can see the detail on Reagan's collar as the resolution on the video is too low.
  11. ladhrann

    The suiting thread

    The trumpets are there to celebrate landing on time. I normally fly Ryanair, its cheap and cheerful, always on time and better yet leaves you extra dosh to spend on top-notch clobber. I'm more than prepared to fly Ryanair to Rome, train to Naples, kip in a hostel and hit three shirtmakers [for comparisons sake] rather than one.
  12. ladhrann

    The suiting thread

    Excepting shirt buttons I thought? Remember you promised me a tutorial!!
  13. ladhrann


    MOP feel free to give us your recommendations so.
  14. ladhrann


    Party like 'twere 1889!
  15. ladhrann


    Get the bomb BDC you know you're worth it: http://www.gentlemansgadgets.com/the-ultimate-spring-bike-royal-gazelles-toer-populair-classical-dutch-bike/