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  1. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    Post more about him here. Perhaps he'll read your posts and get the hint. My personal distaste for the extremely cropped pants aside, this looks like a very reasonable fit.
  2. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    His mistake was bringing his wife along to the tailors'.
  3. sid11111

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Make polos with a self collar and shell or MOP buttons and I'm in!
  4. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    It's a "Barchetta" or "Little Boat" pocket. To answer your question- styling purposes.
  5. sid11111

    Casual shoes

    Man I'm really sorry to burst your bubble but I have army boots which are corrected leather that I use annual for 2 at least 2 straight weeks doing army things which are in better shape than that.
  6. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    On one of my trips to an established old-school tailor, I was perplexed as to why he kept pushing cheaper poly-wool blends when I asked for the more expensive books. Upon further slightly painful probing, he showed me pair of pants that had worn out at the crotch that he was mending. "See? No point. Wool will wear out. Mixed wool no such problem."
  7. sid11111

    Dress shoes

  8. sid11111


    Personally not a fan of spread button downs. Otherwise I think the fit looks pretty spot on. What would your critique of this shirt be?
  9. sid11111

    Casual shoes

    Great post, but wow those are some ugly and poorly cared for boots. Cracks of this level scream neglect and are beyond repair.
  10. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    What constitutes a "Singapore-style" shirt? That looks like a Burberry ala Chav/Chinaman.
  11. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    If you thought Ronald from PG was bad the writer from wahsoshiok is worse than rubbish.
  12. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    Yes. Uncles are really the only mass demographic that has the spending power for your products.
  13. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    The construction is good but let down by the finishing.
  14. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    At this level of detail, if makeup is too feminine, at the very least tweeze those eyebrows.
  15. sid11111


    Further thoughts on the oxwhite shirt?