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  1. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    If you thought Ronald from PG was bad the writer from wahsoshiok is worse than rubbish.
  2. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    Yes. Uncles are really the only mass demographic that has the spending power for your products.
  3. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    The construction is good but let down by the finishing.
  4. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    At this level of detail, if makeup is too feminine, at the very least tweeze those eyebrows.
  5. sid11111


    Further thoughts on the oxwhite shirt?
  6. sid11111


    Can't say you weren't warned!
  7. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    Haram bro
  8. sid11111

    The suiting thread

  9. sid11111

    The suiting thread

    Kevin Seah does it best.
  10. sid11111

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    I believe this is a result of a difference in the philosophy in terms of denim weaving. Cone Mill are famous for weaving denim to be extremely consistent and dependable. The vanilla flavour of denim if you will. Kaihara denim is woven on vintage Japanese looms and inconsistencies in the fabric are intentional/part of their character.
  11. sid11111

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Heritage and the fanatical patriotism of Americans and all things "Made in USA" aside, I don't see how Cone fabric is superior to other commercially available denim in the market. Personally, I find the Kaihara fabric used by Uniqlo to be just as good, if not better.
  12. sid11111

    The watch appreciation thread

    You need a SEO guy. Not a Web Designer. In this sense the Web Designer is a tailor and the clothes are analogous to a new website. If you are already in a handsome suit but need to be more well-known then you already are, you need a marketing person or SEO guy.
  13. sid11111


    Screenshot of the features page of the site reveals that the business owner doesn't really know what actually makes a good shirt, beyond marketing buzzwords. Better not waste your money.