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    The suiting thread

    Jeremy, thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciate the feedback. When you say "Trousers appear rather roomy and too long... Back balance should be reduced." Aren't the trousers too tight in the seat and cut too close to my upper thigh. How would you recommend a cleaner drape in the rear of the trousers, and without my arse sticking out? You were spot on about my "aspirational" posture (I'll know who to go to when I next need a suit), although this was partly due to the feeling tight from the gym the night before, and being distracted with the tailor taking an odd quarter squat posture, and I felt he was going to topple over with my phone in hand. Does the jacket look an inch or so too wide in each shoulder? From the photos are you able to tell if the arm holes are too low? I ought to have taken a photo with my arms to the side. When trying on the jacket, I found it somewhat restrictive in raising my arms and understand that higher arm holes are better for mobility. Finally does the lapel gorge look too high or is simply due to my inability to stand upright?
  2. hotei

    The suiting thread

    Had my first fitting for a suit and odd pair of trousers, shown in the photo. As this is my first suit, would appreciate any feedback on the fit. Thanks in advance.
  3. hotei

    The suiting thread

    I’m in need of a suit, and a couple of pair of trousers. Is there anyone else aside from Ah Loke one should consider comparative in terms of workmanship and cost in KL? Thanks in advance.