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  1. vrp

    The watch appreciation thread

    not too large for you? whats the face diameter?
  2. vrp

    The suiting thread

    hmm.. the sculpture, made out of rocks?
  3. vrp

    Dress shoes

    Make it three piece. Someone has to keep the economy going~ XD
  4. vrp

    The suiting thread

    The first package was announced by Tun M when he was interim PM. The one which includes BNM's SRF and reduction of employee's EPF contribution to 7%, and other stuffs. This is already a second package, which adds on top of the first. What I am seeing is, they have problems raising funds. There are 2 ways: Debt/deficit spending. In such emergency situation, the government can do a "spend first ask later" budget, but in the end it has to be tabled in the parliament, likely in the form of a supplementary budget. However, it seems this government is reluctant to do so. GLCs. But then again, they have their own problems right now, lots of mouths to feed. Or state owned investment vehicles/funds, if any (not sure if any of them sit on a large sums of cash). Therefore, I think they are between a rock and a hard place. One thing is for sure, this is turning into a global recession, and governments around the world are trying their best to prevent it from going into a depression. Deflation is extremely ugly.
  5. vrp

    The suiting thread

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe even that direct handout of MYR 25 billion is mostly funded by deficit. We have oil reserves, but not national reserve fund. Oh, by the way, the Special Relief Fund which is backed by BNM, was already set up and announced by the interim PM on the end of February. All they did during this 250 billion announcement was just increasing the cap and reducing the interest rates. Feels like they are on a vacation mood too. It feels somewhat touch and go, like "nah, we also got aid package". All of the "aid" for businesses are to delay payments. ALL not some. 100 cents on the dollar. Its more like a policy than an aid/stimulus. The best part is, the banks get free profits, guaranteed by BNM. Now, that looks more like an aid.
  6. vrp

    The suiting thread

    Classic 10% down. Saving the country the right way, The leveraged way.
  7. vrp

    The suiting thread

    I can already picture how it turns out to be, marvelous!
  8. vrp


    Does it cut first or sew first?
  9. vrp

    The suiting thread

    *grabs popcorn*
  10. vrp

    Garment maintenance

    Moral behind the video: 1. Need a big ass heavy iron. 2. Need a bigger iron board table.
  11. vrp

    The suiting thread

    You should. In fact, once JTT grows to a certain point, you must.
  12. vrp

    The suiting thread

    Perhaps they were having a squabble before this appointment, and this is her way of screwing it up for the husband. And you, dear JM, are just the tool. Lol
  13. vrp

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Come to think of it, it has never dawn on me to use it for coins tho. Seems rather hard to get tiny things out of it. Hmm... perhaps I did try, and then forgo the idea.
  14. vrp

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Car key, the keyless kind. I find most of them house it just fine. Still, not all coin pockets are made the same!
  15. vrp

    The suiting thread

    Ahh yes, a self tie bow. Classic. Elegant.