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  1. I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    Haha, I'm going to a white tie event next summer, which will probably be my first and last. I was considering to get it tailored but I'm now thinking - better to buy RTW if there's probably no other white tie event I can foresee in my lifetime.
  2. I am a total newbie. Please help me.

    Hey guys, just wondering: has anyone ever been to/seen/heard of a white tie event in KL? (I'm not even going to ask about morning dress)
  3. Budget tailoring

    Hey Guest, really sorry 'bout the late reply. I've had a self-lined jacket made up at Allen Khoo (RM400 CMT + cost of fabric) - but only because ALT doesn't do self-lined (I think). The level of finishing was not particularly good, especially in terms of the finishing of the seams - but I guess I can't complain for that price point. Sartorial in Bangsar quoted RM1000 for workmanship, but I was on a severe budget at that point in time. So, for a proper suit, yeap ALT methinks. EDIT: Hey guys, to clarify my previous comments, I'm sure Mr. Allen can improve the level of finishing by sending it to a different coatmaker, instructing the coatmaker to not leave the seams exposed etc., depending on how much one would like to spend as kotmj noted earlier (I was on a severe budget at the time). But, ALT does have the benefit of having made many suits for many members of this forum and would be at least acquainted with, if not familiar, with theKerbau-style (if there is one). Also, that means that many members of this forum will be able to advise you about ALT.
  4. Shirts

    Hey guys, anyone have the password to amateursarto's album?
  5. Shirts

    I'll chip in 5-6 sets - say 50 buttons?
  6. Budget tailoring

    Haha, sure, no probs, Zarium. This guy I was talking about is Allen Khoo Tailors in Ampang Park (Mr. Khoo doesn't do actual actual cutting, if I'm not wrong - he has two cutters handling the customers). I went with them because there was no Kerbau-approved tailor doing a fully unlined jacket (Ah Loke only does quarter-lined if I'm not wrong). So what I was left with was tailors at the high-end of the Malaysian tailoring market - Sartorial in Bangsar, the two tailors in KLCC, all of which charged about RM900 CMT- and Allen Khoo. Everybody else simply refused to make a soft-construction jacket without lining. Only Sartorial had working examples of an unlined jacket for me to look at. The guys at Allen Khoo did not seem to have any experience or similar examples of their work. But I decided to go with Allen Khoo anyway because it'd be good to see whether they could match the know-how of Sartorial at a cheaper price. After all, they acquiesced with my requests for higher armholes - something very few Malaysian tailors will do without putting up a fight.
  7. Budget tailoring

    Unfortunately, tailor called and cancelled the fitting. Fitting will have to be rescheduled for when I return to KL which is in 2 months time. Really sorry guys, pics and report will have to be postponed till then unfortunately.
  8. Budget tailoring

    Hey guys, I've decided to go with a tailor in one of those shopping centres far past their glory days for my home-launderable unlined linen sportscoat (or, more accurately, shacket). Sorted out the details this morning and handed over the fabric.They're charging me RM400 CMT. Fitting is scheduled to be on Wednesday. Will keep you guys updated hopefully with pics.
  9. The suiting thread

    Very nice Kotmj! Seems like you conducted your fittings in a hotel room - were they for a customer outside KL?
  10. Dress shoes

    Arc: I like the brass detailing, somehow evokes the image of Napoleon's cavalry officers to me.
  11. O'Mast

    I'd be interested, but everything depends on dates I guess
  12. Dress shoes

    Very nice! Will you be featuring a plain wholecut oxford by any chance?
  13. Trousers/Pant

    Very nice hst! What are the prices like direct from Dugdale's?
  14. Movies with good wardrobes

    What about A Single Man by Tom Ford? Not a huge wardrobe though, since it was all about Colin's Firth's character.
  15. The suiting thread

    Carbman, very good point there. The coolness of a fabric (which is what we're really going for) probably also depends on how well it wicks sweat and keeps one dry I guess. So I definitely agree that transparency is not the be-all-end-all measure of coolness. Unfortunately, I don't have the gear to compare any factors beyond transparency (admittedly, my comparison isn't very quantitative either). It'd be great if you or someone could a quantitative analysis. Might even be ground-breaking in the iGent world, depending on whether anyone has done it before... Kotmj, the little square in the second pic is the same square in the first pic (the one taped to the wall with a strip written HS on it). It's a H&S 100% linen swatch that I chopped up for the washing-machine test you recommended haha. My bad, didn't clarify this properly. My "Dugdale" is a full 2.5m length of fabric. I'll cut a swatch-sized piece out for comparison soon.