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  1. The suiting thread

    With concave shoulders?
  2. The suiting thread

    Something along the lines of "aspirational menswear", based on our last conversation a few months ago.
  3. The suiting thread

    Haha I think I know which tailor you're talking about. After all, that particular Wisma is one of my lunch options. If I got the right shop, well... let's just say he'll be lucky to still operate in that premise in the next year.
  4. The suiting thread

    Back (generally pulling) type exercises needed to strengthen the posterior chain, and help with posture. I'd recommend the deadlift, though proper form needs to be observed in executing this lift. Don't be surprised if you see some of those who are into lifting weights having poor posture themselves. If so, it's a sign they are focusing on the mirror muscles only.
  5. The Technique of Travel

    With a big check in luggage, I may travel with shoe trees. Most times, socks rolled into balls suffice as a makeshift. And as far as gym shoes go, New Balance Minimus Zero Road shoes are a godsend. They pack very well, and they look pretty good as casual shoes too (at least I think the first gen range is). Of course, one may need to get used to forefoot strikes, in the first place. I also have the same habit of overpacking, but it is mostly limited to additional underwear. And maybe an extra t-shirt. And maybe an extra pair of pants.
  6. The Technique of Travel

    In terms of suitcases, I was suitably convinced by a 40-something kg lady jumping up and down on a polypropylene bag to illustrate its hardiness over a polycarbonate case (which usually looks nicer due to its sheen). Of course, some also prefer PC suitcases because they're lighter. I also use one, but mainly as cabin luggage.
  7. kotmj's Tailoring Notes

    No, from the top left hand portion of the picture.
  8. kotmj's Tailoring Notes

    ummm doesn't quite look underaged to me...
  9. Gloriously off-topic

    oh the irony, especially considering the name of their society.
  10. The suiting thread

    my guess is that, if anything, the stripes ARE aligned on the shoulder seam.
  11. Movies with good wardrobes

    I wonder if you will start seeing an increase in orders for double breasted suits from the young 'uns after this movie starts showing here.
  12. Everything Analogue Photography

    I think I saw a few boxes in that shop in Publika.
  13. Everything Digital Photography

    True, you can also use an 18% grey card for the same purpose. The only reason I recommended using a white piece of paper is because it's easier to find. Indeed, monitor color calibration is a separate matter in itself. It's kind of a moot point doing all these white balance corrections in-camera or in post processing, if your customer doesn't have calibrated screen.
  14. Everything Digital Photography

    For the purpose of accurate color representation in digital photographs, I would recommend shooting the fabric on a white piece of paper. If your digital photographic tool of choice has the capability of setting white balance manually, then this white piece of paper serves as the reference point. Also, if you're not averse to post processing, you can also correct the white balance of the image at that stage (again, using the white piece of paper as the reference point).
  15. The watch appreciation thread

    Got myself the exact same watch when it was launched in KL back in August, 6. I enjoy using it.