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  1. kenterong


    The Aeropress is one of the most versatile coffee brewers around, in my opinion. You probably just need to get used to it, as you surmised. I kind of follow the Blue Bottle method for brewing with the Aeropress. Minimal fuss, though I attribute that to using the Fellows Prismo with my Aeropress (very worthwhile addition to your brewing arsenal). Eight clicks on the Porlex should be a good grind size setting for the Aeropress in most cases. Water temperature: off the boil.
  2. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    You'll need to order some coffee to wait this out, from the looks of it. The challenge will be in avoiding the purgatory that is the endless shuttling between Bentong and Kuantan.
  3. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    Sounds like you got a twofer.
  4. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    At the right spots, yes.
  5. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    Get her to do (more) weighted squats
  6. kenterong

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    セルベジ (selvedge) デニム (denim) I might be wrong though on the selvedge in katakana
  7. kenterong

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    Rosemary vs Rosemarry (but nevermind). Nihon no denim - should be read right to left ("Nihon no" part should be on the right).
  8. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    Ah, youth.
  9. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    So you've started squatting again? (I know, wrong thread but... )
  10. kenterong

    Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    Something that involves cuffs
  11. kenterong


    Better than the americano?
  12. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    I'll bring my Speedos when I visit
  13. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    With concave shoulders?
  14. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    Something along the lines of "aspirational menswear", based on our last conversation a few months ago.
  15. kenterong

    The suiting thread

    Haha I think I know which tailor you're talking about. After all, that particular Wisma is one of my lunch options. If I got the right shop, well... let's just say he'll be lucky to still operate in that premise in the next year.