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  1. Dress shoes

    ^I'd go with Meermin
  2. Dress shoes

    ^ This. Yes.
  3. Dress shoes

    Bexley looks like a steal.. AFPOS is more than double than that. Thanks nick!
  4. Dress shoes

    While on the topic of shoetrees. Schlesinger Hamburg (red cedar) or Consul Pro (beech), has anyone tried them? Both with double metal tubes and side split toe. About £16 ea for 8 shanecross ..mirin' your shoe shine skills
  5. Dress shoes

    ^ sweet shine ^^ thanks joonian, will have a look Merry Christmas everybody!
  6. Dress shoes

    Looking for one in London. The rain has been eating away my Meermins.. Suggestions, joonian?
  7. Dress shoes

    double post.
  8. Dress shoes

    lolhalo, I don't have either pair, but I wouldn't get anything from loake outside their 1880 collection - loake design, loake shoemakers,...especially L1 torsion, some info on toe plates and topying can be found on the earlier pages of this thread
  9. Dress shoes

    Wish I was in Singapore for that.. all I have are Black Friday and Drake's sales
  10. Malaysia Best Dressed Man

    joonian, https://www.facebook.com/xxfrxx
  11. Collateralised debt a.k.a. The Cloth Thread

    "Used a complex system of international origin laundering so it would arrive duty-free." Haha.. laundering.. 'no pun intended'
  12. Dress shoes

    Anyone else interested in proxy, do drop me a pm asap. It opens around 3pm Malaysia time tomorrow. I'll reduce the proxy fee with more buyers. (surprised this hasn't been sniffed out by ts yet)
  13. Dress shoes

    http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=75848228150e205b5982be84c&id=b2ff2209dc Edward green is having a 60% off at their factory store. From what I've heard, they don't do telephone orders. It's a bit late and I haven't decided if I'm going tomorrow. Just to gage interest, how many people would be interested in a proxy? (There will be a proxy fee and/or deposit+delivery charges). Go ahead and drop me a pm if you're interested. Note that I can only get 5 pairs max so act fast
  14. PSA: a/k/a The Awesome Deals Thread

    Noone's posted here in a while.. Linkson Jack having 50% off on bespoke ties (starts at 50pounds) and others. I don't have one myself but if anyone can share their experience with LJ.. http://linksonjack.com/ Code: HMTIES
  15. What are you wearing today?

    I would Iike to know how residentdandy made his bulge look a generous 3 inches. Would you impart your tailoring secrets upon us, rd?