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  1. carbman


    Industrial-grade sewing machines never fail to amaze me. They're fast, but more interesting to me: they're almost vibration-free. My Brother sewing machine would wobble while doing the simplest of stitches. Don't get me started on button-hole stitching.
  2. carbman

    The watch appreciation thread

    More like wrist absence. I bet the weight really helps build momentum when one swings a punch.
  3. carbman

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    I would've painted it on a transparency sheet and superimposed it to find the best placement. What do the lines represent? hills? seagulls?
  4. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Wish I had the space for a large table. This table looks thinner that the last one. Optic illusion?
  5. carbman


    What's that to the far right?
  6. carbman


    Get two sharpening stones (low and high grit) and a leather strop block, and you're in business. I find knife sharpening as therapeutic as shoe-polishing.
  7. carbman

    The suiting thread

    looks beefy
  8. carbman


    Is the Belantara good?
  9. carbman


    So at the office, after a few months on Nespresso pods (hey, can't beat the convenience), my colleague and I split a used Jura Ena5, a super-automatic bean-to-cup machine. Pour beans inside, press a button and out comes coffee. Now I can use different beans at the office, in a more convenient preparation. For general coffee, it's good, quite good. But for espresso shots, my Simonelli Oscar semi-auto at home (with beans from a Simonelli MDX grinder) kicks the Jura in the nuts.
  10. carbman

    The suiting thread

    I believe carpenters call this a 'sawhorse'. The I-beam on top is typical of a good one, and could be removable (but looks nailed-on). Not sure if the tapering of the lower horizontal "I" leg nearer to the camera is intentional or not. But I've never seen those 'A' legs before; tapered at the top. I give up... Most sawhorses I've seen don't bother with lapped joints, like the ones near the base of the sawhorse. Whatever the mystery, this is one sturdy sawhorse, if not pretty.
  11. carbman

    The suiting thread

    I read somewhere that English is a Germanic language, which should make it easier for English speaking people to learn it. However, I just can't get over then Germans' love for impossibly long words.
  12. carbman

    The suiting thread

    I don't suppose you could divulge the details of said encounter? I tried googling him - nothing of note, so far (what did I expect? he's 21). One (1) Youtube subscriber. An IIUM graduate with a degree in human sciences. Ho-hum.
  13. carbman

    The suiting thread

    I understand the need to 'protect' customers from themselves, or at least from their (lack of) pressing skills. However, I am intrigued with this skill, especially the aspect of somewhat 'shaping' the garment (shrinking and expanding cloth at will), and feel it a shame to not be able to do it myself.
  14. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Google calendar sounds like it'll be able to help.
  15. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Most smartwatches look like toys. And they're relatively fragile. And can become obsolete. Imagine that - an obsolete watch. But what really gets me is the need to charge them. Either that, or a manual planner.