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  1. carbman

    What did you eat just now?

    The oily sambal u mention is known as a sambal tumis, where lotsa onions and stuff are cooked (deep fried) in oil. The latter sambal, of the sambal belacan type is eaten usually with fresh ulam in Malay-style meals. Similar, uncooked sambals, such as sambal tempoyak and sambal cencaluk are also uncooked and not at all oily.
  2. carbman

    The watch appreciation thread

    There's some truth to that; this is the first series of pics of said seiko that accentuates its chunkiness and angles. I very much like the watch now.
  3. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Apparently, UK clocks have switched to British Summer Time (BST) at the end of March, making UK effectively GMT+1. Since Singapore and Malaysia are GMT+8, 8am plus 7 hours time difference is 3pm. Google didn't get the time wrong; the search you made was wrong in assuming UK is at GMT right now (this time of year). Anyway, my Samsung world clock app could save you the 50k for said watch, but other 3rd party apps will do. Far less stylish and pleasing to the eyes, though.
  4. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Mixing bleach and ethanol produces chloroform. I think. Use ethanol for quick-dry hand cleaning. Or just soap and water. A weak bleach solution can be used for hard surfaces. The mortality of ventilator-assisted patients may be due to the grave condition said patients were in, rather than the ventilator treatment itself. Respiratory function compromise due to a clot in the lungs (pulmonary embolism) requires different ventilatory settings than compromise due to the lung itself failing. Some say the tendency for a covid19 patient to clot may be related to the extremely sedentary lifestyle the patient underwent due to MCO-like orders. I heard that the roads are clear from roadblocks.
  5. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Only about 5-15% of UVB (the Vit D-inducing stuff) is reflected from various surfaces. A patchy opaque shade (like a tree canopy) also blocks out most of the sunlight. Thing is, our eyes are terrible at estimating absolute brightness - it's the necessary evil to having an adaptable iris. A shade may feel only 50% dark when it has only 10% the available light (usually much, much much less).
  6. carbman

    What did you eat just now?

    For bread, especially sourdough, just start growing the culture. Feed it once a day, and it should mature in a week. It's like a pet. What oven did you get? And what brand of flour?
  7. carbman

    What did you eat just now?

    No knead...just occasional folds here and there. Jon Favreau in his "the Chef Show" mentioned it as the "tartine no knead method". Unbleached wheat flour with 10% wholemeal added in, as I was not sure if the starter would work, and I wanted to eliminate all possible causes of failure first.
  8. carbman

    What did you eat just now?

    Managed to make my first successful sourdough loaf. I had this starter that has never made anything successful before, so I stored in at the back of the fridge 3 years ago. Last friday, in an attempt to clean my fridge, I decided to give this starter another try. It worked!! Crispy crust, chewy, airy, tasty crumb. Process took most of a day, though...fermentation process and all.
  9. carbman

    The suiting thread

    He's quite intelligent. Has a show on Netflix, even.
  10. carbman


    Industrial-grade sewing machines never fail to amaze me. They're fast, but more interesting to me: they're almost vibration-free. My Brother sewing machine would wobble while doing the simplest of stitches. Don't get me started on button-hole stitching.
  11. carbman

    The watch appreciation thread

    More like wrist absence. I bet the weight really helps build momentum when one swings a punch.
  12. carbman

    The Denim (contrast) Thread

    I would've painted it on a transparency sheet and superimposed it to find the best placement. What do the lines represent? hills? seagulls?
  13. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Wish I had the space for a large table. This table looks thinner that the last one. Optic illusion?
  14. carbman


    What's that to the far right?
  15. carbman


    Get two sharpening stones (low and high grit) and a leather strop block, and you're in business. I find knife sharpening as therapeutic as shoe-polishing.