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  1. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Procure big plastic pots from ACE Hardware. Fill 'em with soil from Lazada (saves having to haul it up yourself). Or you could go Lazada all the way.
  2. carbman

    The suiting thread

    On the topic of your bamboo plant, I just realised one thing (I do a lot of thinking while on my bike; there's no other form of entertainment). By the time your bamboo's foliage becomes satisfactory, it will also have a high risk of toppling over. Get a bigger pot (that, too may not prevent toppling over in the worst of storms).
  3. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Isn't the video editors' market vulnerable to be 'spoiled' by new entrants into the field, offering cheaper services due to less experience, just like still photography? I don't know the answer, but one difference is that video editors usually just edit and have little to no influence on the material they're editing, whereas photographers usually control the content as well as the editing process. I've noticed that on Youtube at least, the size of the production house is somewhat proportional to the frequency of publication. Take Linus Tech Tips, for instance. They release tech videos almost daily, and it's almost a factory in there. There are presenters, tech testers and reviewers, video editors and scriptwriters. Contrast this with a YT channel called Oversimplified. They release videos only once every few months, there's only one presenter, and the material seems like it can be done by a one-man team.
  4. carbman

    The suiting thread

    What's in the wooden box at the base of the stairs? A sewing machine? Form factor reminds me of the bone densitometer in "The Pursuit of Happiness".
  5. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Now we can stalk your home
  6. carbman

    The suiting thread

    I think I'll have a go at DIY-ing a hardwax finish on mine. Man....that grain!
  7. carbman

    The suiting thread

    How's the feel of the hardwax finish of the table? Is it at all oily? I have an unfinished oak table top that I've been regularly oiling, but is high maintenance as the surface dries out after a few months.
  8. carbman

    The suiting thread

    The customer is not always right. In fact, the customer is almost always wrong. Fire the customer. I wish I could do that. Let us know how he deals with the news.
  9. carbman


    That is some packaging! Just went to their website. Their webmaster needs to be spanked. And not the good kind.
  10. carbman

    The watch appreciation thread

    How does one demagnetise a watch? Going the totally opposite way, I had a quartz watch which, after being exposed to a 1.5 tesla MRI only briefly, died slowly over the course of a week.
  11. carbman

    The suiting thread

    Came across this while on a late night youtube freefall:
  12. carbman

    The suiting thread

    luckily, tree species aren't as "extinctable" as animals
  13. carbman

    The suiting thread

    There's this dude in my kampung (Negeri Sembilan) who runs his family's hardware shop business. I made a shed once and got to know him when procuring materials for the project. Anyway, nicely tucked underneath some more conventional-looking pieces of lumber were several 5" slabs of chengal wood. Not entirely kosher, he said, hence the relative secrecy. From these slabs, he usually planes away 1" from each surface, leaving a 3" slab of wood. I think he also has thinner cuts of wood as well. Gorgeous stuff. Heavy as fuck. Only reason I didn't pursue the idea was because of the prohibitive price, and lack of space on my part.
  14. carbman

    The suiting thread

    I hear something like this as well, more prominently on CRTs. It's like a high frequency 'teeeeeeet' (for lack of better explanation).
  15. carbman

    The suiting thread

    don't florescent lamps flicker somewhat? they drive me nuts