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  1. The suiting thread

    U may have to one day commission a Parliment suit (or whatever they're called). On a related note, regarding the Agong's official black jacket: when they say 'gold thread', do they mean real gold?
  2. The suiting thread

    Quite a flamboyant cut. Worked really well unbuttoned. Do they still look like this?
  3. The suiting thread

    I agree in that you need to be in the (sub)consciousness of people, and to be noteworthy. And true, marketing to a narrow segment of the population probably won't work, big-picture-wise. When I was a kid and had only 3 channels to watch, Sparkmanshop was in my consciousness because it was so visible (end credits after Berita). Maybe the trick is to know what makes JT remarkable to your clients. I'm biased, but I dig your latest commercial. The background music actually works.
  4. The suiting thread

    Regarding the 24 episode Malay drama, and this is just conjecture, I don't think the crowd that watches these dramas are your target audience (marketing-wise). I wonder, do most of your clients have anything in common? For instance, profession, income, race, age etc.. To target a market like private (non-government) medical doctors (high income, could use a suit or two, busy job), you would probably have to come to their place of work to measure and fit. Plus, most docs don't know what's a good suit. PS: have you noticed their shoes?
  5. The suiting thread

    Ambiguous asian ethnicity is what you're looking for.
  6. The suiting thread

    That's more than adequate. If he doesn't like it, tough. Besides, a Malay-style first name does not carry the same level of informality a Mat Salleh-style or Chinese-style first name does. Only in Malaysia would one be formally addressed as "Tan Sri Prof. Dato' Seri Dr. somethin somethin". It's such a social faux-pas to correct someone on how they've under-addressed us.
  7. The suiting thread

    Wow! That's how holidays should be archived! Not the thousands of stills that never see the light of day. I like how the shots varied in motion and speed, as well as in stability.
  8. The suiting thread

    Really steady chi
  9. The suiting thread

    Did you use a gimbal for the shop shots? Really steady
  10. The suiting thread

    I wonder what waist-cinching does to the average human, in the long run. Since your lower abdomen expands when sitting, a snug pair of pants, in theory, should cause some organ compression. I see that labourers prefer overalls or even suspended jeans when working. Might the lack of a constricting belt have any benefit with regards to comfort and mobility?
  11. The suiting thread

    Could you explain the split back a bit more. I've noticed them in 18th century period movies, albeit in a more exaggerated form. Is there a durability downside to a split back?
  12. The suiting thread

    Bocelli also makes it seem effortless, while Sheeran looks like he's nearing his vocal limits.
  13. The suiting thread

    you sound burnt out. I see it all the time in my line of work.
  14. The suiting thread

    Maybe a mall front for your diffusion brand. People expect less, pay less and get less.
  15. Dress shoes

    That's a very hirsute shoe