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    Received the Oxwhite. I put it on for a minute. I genuinely thought my Sekolah Menengah white shirt felt better on the skin. The only word that came to my mind as I was wearing it - sandpaper.
  2. NoName

    The watch appreciation thread

    Ur talking to a website designer to boost your rankings. That's equivalent to me talking to a tailor to make me a hollywood star.
  3. NoName


    https://oxwhite.com/ Too cheap not to try
  4. NoName

    The suiting thread

    It appeared in my fb feed. Spotted typo/grammatical error in first sentence of first para.
  5. NoName

    Garment maintenance

    Highest temperature + just continuously press on the steam button as I iron the shirt. No idea what's a vacuum board, using a cheap metal based ironing board from Ikea.
  6. NoName

    The suiting thread

    it's called the art of corruption
  7. NoName

    The suiting thread

    imagine if these two ads were using copyright free music
  8. NoName

    The suiting thread

    to summarize, I feel that background music plays an equally important role to the identity to your brand. as much as your slogan.
  9. NoName

    The suiting thread

    visually good. auditory wise, i felt the music was quite forceful... it was there for the sake of being there. not easy to find copyright free music, but maybe something along the lines of the background music of these? the 2nd link, just by listening one would already form visuals of an old heritage Italy in his/her mind. the music in your video, I close my eyes and listen to it. first thing came to mind was crappy presentation videos made in local post production houses.
  10. NoName

    The suiting thread

    I would think it's about how the suit looks on a mannequin vs on a real person.
  11. NoName

    The suiting thread

    Agree that it has to be aspiration driven eg If I was aiming for business minded young men commissioning their first suits "Seal the deal." If I was aiming for young men "Drop those panties." Your current commercial will then be dropped, and changed towards Axe deodorant direction.
  12. NoName

    The suiting thread

    Hard to read your mind on what exactly are you aiming for with the slogan. I've failed to read you on multiple occasions. My 2 cents 1) Short and succinct. Keep it less than 3 words. (or extremely catchy which I think is harder) 2) It's not about what the audience read from the slogan, but the mental associations that your target audience immediately start forming from these words. "The clothes you look forward to wearing", I think of comfortable cotton boxers from uniqlo Your slogan may well define you more than your brand. Just Do It. Think Different. Truth Well Told. Gaya. Mutu. Keunggulan.
  13. NoName

    The suiting thread

    I urge and plead for you to think harder
  14. NoName

    The suiting thread

    That sounds convoluted. Why do you need story 3? It's a commercial, not a Christopher Nolan movie.